Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

23 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann, Joseph Dunninger The Ghost of the Unborn two envelopes, spectator can chose one and a word from a book, word is predicted in envelope, in other envelope is prediction which envelope will be chosen 1
Al Mann The Master of the Word with two words from two books, prediction 4
Orville Wayne Meyer Page Peek 4
Al Mann The Adonis Book Test book test, with sensitiv fingertips presentation 7
Al Mann Adonis, Aphrodite and Zeus with three books 8
Al Mann Fifth Row Center Aisle divination of a word and prediction of position on page, several books 9
Al Mann The Shades of Thought freely chosen chapter is predicted 11
Al Mann The Uninvited three books, unknown person is called which names the chosen words 13
Al Mann Forcing the Word from a book 15
Al Mann Forcing Three Words from a book 16
Al Mann At the Blackboard prediction of three chosen words from three books 16
Al Mann The Chain of Thought three words are divined from three books 17
Al Mann The Book Mark two books with bookmarks, spectator chose a word and find that bookmarks are envelopes with predictions of the chosen words 18
Al Mann 50'000 Words Inspired by 20
Al Mann Small Worlds dictionary book test, page is selected with number cards 21
Al Mann The Surrealist 22
Al Mann The Locked Book with locked book, forcing a limited choice, numbers written in a row and three are encircled 22
Al Mann The Books in the Locked Chest three books 23