Written by Jean Faré

Work of Jean Faré

43 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Jean Faré.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jean Faré Foreword 4
Jean Faré Thru Four Aces pass through wallet / magazine, with four Kings appearing as a surprise 5
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Loading Move Load card under magazine / wallet with no finger movementRelated to
  • "The Slightly Covered Travelers" (Ed Marlo, 1948)
Jean Faré New Blank Thought Handling Handling of "Blank Thought" by Ed Marlo - freely named card appears in blank deck, then disappearsInspired by 9
Jean Faré Variation of a Palm palm top card in action of cutting the deckRelated to 11
Jean Faré Logical Sandwich Selection vanishes between two Kings, appears between other two Kings 14
J. C. Pages, Jean Faré Delayed Jump Two selections transpose in process of locating them (ending similar to Devilish Miracle)Related to 16
Jean Faré Cased In Disappearance - Minus One Deck vanishes except for selectionInspired by 19
Jean Faré Spectator Handles the Devano Devano Rising Card, spectator can hold deckInspired by 21
Jean Faré Linking Pins Finale Safety pin links onto magician's pin while previously linked to spectator's, can be immediately examinedInspired by
  • Jerry Andrus's Linking Pin routine climax
Jean Faré Multiple Coin Switch (first published in Barry Price's Lecture Notes, French Edition, for Brussels lecture 1974) 29
Jean Faré Criss Cross Triumph Selection is lost, Triumph shuffle, reveal to have three Aces face up with selection face down amongst them, then selection's value used to find final AceVariations 32
Jean Faré Triumph Color Change Handling of Color Triumphant by Derek Dingle (uses Marlo's Hung Card gimmick)Inspired by 35
Jean Faré, Barry Price, Jack Sutherland Topsy Turvy Plus One Topsy Turvy Aces with selection 37