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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
C. O. Williams The Card from the Pocket card at thought of position is remembered and found, lazy man
Related toVariations 1937 342
The Tantalizer twenty-second position and packet dealing
Related toVariations 1948 112
John Bannon Timely Departure three cards are thought-of via "packet is cut off and counted..." procedure, they disappear and reappear face up
Related toVariations 1991 160
Claude Impériale White Christmas Tantalizer, all other cards are blank
  • Christmas Cards
2006 125
Claude Impériale The Tarantulizer third position and packet dealing
Inspired byVariations 2006 158
Claude Impériale Grab It Before They Do remaining card is not the selection, it is in the wallet instead, bet theme
Inspired by 2006 159
Steve Beam The Flasher spectator apparently sees card dealt into wrong pile near the end, sucker
Inspired by 2006 160
Claude Impériale Sans Skill three cards vanish and appear again reversed
Inspired by 2010 16
Claude Impériale Bluff Counting move a card with card counting presentation and optional deck switch
2010 126
Claude Impériale Automatic Placement Card to Pocket card at thought-of position travels to pocket, two handlings
Inspired by Nov. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Claude Impériale Two Birds One Stone two cards chosen, one divined with memory feat, the other named as well
Inspired by
  • "Spaced Out" (Roger Golde, Card Treks, 1981)
Jan. 2024
The Hermit (Vol. 3 No. 1)