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Alex Elmsley Weave Corrections for Miscuts
  • Out-weave Correction
  • Out-weave Correction
  • In-weave Correction
  • In-weave Correction
Related to 1994 297
Alex Elmsley The Restacking Pack stack whose value distribution is not affected by faro shuffles
Related toVariations 1994 309
Darwin Ortiz Hard Target two selections found by red jacks
Related toAlso published here 2012 55
John Lovick (reviewer) The Devil's Staircase by Greg Chapman Mar. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 3)
Greg Chapman Introduction
2020 9
Greg Chapman Technique, Theory and Applications discussion of the faro shuffle
  • Quality and Condition of Cards
  • Regular Cut vs Traditional Cut Cards
  • Full and Partial Shuffle
  • In the Hands vs Tabled Faro
  • In-Faro vs Out-Faro
  • Straddle-Faro
  • How to Learn and Practice the Faro Shuffle
  • Top-down vs Bottom-up
2020 11
Greg Chapman How to execute a perfect shuffle - in-the-hands, top down
  • A Closer Look at Interlacing the Two Packets
  • Starting the Weave for In vs Out
2020 15
Greg Chapman How to execute a perfect shuffle - in-the-hands, bottom up
  • Bridging the Shuffle Flourish
2020 19
Greg Chapman Splitting 26/26 - How to split perfectly in half using estimation (in the hands)
2020 20
Greg Chapman Adjustments to Correct Estimation Errors without Elmsley mention
  • Adjustment - for one card too many in the top packet during an out-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too few in the top packet during and out-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too many in the top packet during an in-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too few in the top packet during and in-faro
Related to 2020 21
Greg Chapman How to do a Perfect Tabled Faro no riffling
2020 22
Greg Chapman Eight Perfect Out-Faros
2020 25
Greg Chapman Fifty-two Perfect In-Faros
2020 25
Greg Chapman Splitting 26/26 - Stacked Deck and Key Card Peeks
2020 26
Greg Chapman Calculating the New Position for Any Card After Each Out-Faro
2020 27
Greg Chapman Out-Faro Charts
2020 28
Greg Chapman Six Belts
Related to 2020 29
Greg Chapman Fixed Floating Key Cards in a Stacked Deck 18-35 principle
    • High Card
    • Hold'em
  • Work in the Cards
  • Other Positions
2020 30
Greg Chapman Faro Fooler - controlling a card to the top with one shuffle and cut two handlings, with crimp at known position, selection replaced during dropping piles on table
  • Fooler No. 1
  • Fooler No. 2
2020 32
Greg Chapman To Bring Cards Together (e.g. 4-of-a-kind to top, middle)
2020 36
Greg Chapman The Faro Shuffle and the Stacked Deck short comment on quartets and Si Stebbins
2020 36
Greg Chapman To Bring Multiple Cards to Specific Positions short note
2020 36
Greg Chapman Anti-Faro comment
2020 36
Greg Chapman In-Faro Calculations: Calculating the new position for any card after each in-faro
2020 37
Greg Chapman 51-Card Faro allowing cuts
2020 38
Greg Chapman The Morphing Stack on using the different faro states of a stack for different routines
Related to
  • Greg Chapman, The Devil's Staircase, 2014
2020 39
Greg Chapman A Difficult Sleight
2020 41
Greg Chapman Faro Shuffle Philosophy
2020 41
Greg Chapman More Faro Descriptions, Theory, Techniques and Routines a few faro references
2020 43
Greg Chapman Searchers Undone faros bring sandwich cards together in stages
Related to 2020 45
Greg Chapman One Card Missing (Version 2) spectator removes any card, after a few faros the performer looks through the cards and names missing card
Inspired by
  • "One Card Missing" (Greg Chapman, Details of Deception, 2017)
2020 49
Scott Baird Central Intelligence "a progressive searchers routine", faro shuffles between each phase
Related toVariations Oct. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Greg Chapman Snap Transposition red Jacks sandwich a black Jack, other black Jack in spectator's hand, red and black Jacks transpose
Also published here
  • MAGIC, June 2010
2022 954