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Edward Marlo Faro as a Control how to control a card at known position to top with faro shuffles, with subsections:
  • Less Than 52
  • With Two Cards
  • For 2 Cards at Undetermined Positions
Inspired by 1958 2
Edward Marlo Alternative Procedures stay stack principle applied to memorized deck, see previous item
1958 43
Edward Marlo Instant 26th Location getting a selection to top with faro, crimp, twenty-sixth faro check and half plus one principle
1958 66
Eddie Fechter Control cuts and a faro shuffle, sliding block
VariationsAlso published here 1972 52
Erhard Liebenow Faro Peek Control adjustment for position
1978 9
Edward Marlo Double Info Control automatic placement procedure
1979 366
Tom Craven Mental Nick spectator cuts small packet and counts cards, then he remembers card at that position in deck
1982 5
Edward Marlo Faro Shuffle Control selection to top or bottom
1989 23
Eddie Fechter Control cuts and a faro shuffle
Also published here 1993 247
Alex Elmsley Autopilot separation at twenty-six
1994 326
Alex Elmsley The Fan and Weave Controls two handlings of an ingenious control:
  • The Fan and Weave Control
  • The Fan and Weave Double Control
Related toVariations 1994 335
Alex Elmsley Faro Placement to control selection between two cards
1994 379
Alex Elmsley Faro Placement to control selection between two cards
1994 381
Ellison Poland Slough-Off Control (SOC) cuts and a faro shuffle, card remains in second position throughout repeated faros
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Faro Slough Offs" (Jimmy Nuzzo, New Tops, Dec. 1965)
1994 1
Gene Maze Slough-Off Control to Bottom
1994 3
Roger Klause Discrepancy Control step after peek, then faro shuffle, two cards will faro at step
Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Dai Vernon 18 - 35 Faro
2007 36
Bruce Cervon 18 up side down
2007 36
Dominic Twose A Pain In The Neck thought-of card is produced from shirt collar, faro
2007 39
Harry Riser Faro Shuffle Control to top
2018 107
Greg Chapman Faro Fooler - controlling a card to the top with one shuffle and cut two handlings, with crimp at known position, selection replaced during dropping piles on table
  • Fooler No. 1
  • Fooler No. 2
2020 32