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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham Part 1: Direction on misdirection
Part 2: Moves
Justin Higham IDF Glimpse glimpsing a card in the center during the force
Paul Gordon IDF as an Indicator Force glimpsing a random chosen card
Related to 4
Paul Gordon IDF Convincer force card ends up sticking out of center
Inspired by 4
Bob Farmer Face-Down IDF
Inspired by 4
Justin Higham Second-From-Top IDF
Will Houstoun Non-Discrepant Face-Up IDF
Inspired by 5
Justin Higham Side-Jogged IDF forcing second card
Justin Higham Dribble Application of the Card Transfer No. 1
Inspired by 6
Will Houstoun Face-Up IDF Control Plus Transfer
Inspired by 7
Justin Higham Dribble Application of the Card Transfer No. 2
Justin Higham IDF as a Cover for the Side Steal
Justin Higham To Force the Return
Justin Higham IDF as a Disguised Cut
Justin Higham IDF Prophecy
Related to 9
Justin Higham Pseudo IDF 2.1 & 3
Inspired by 10
Justin Higham Casual Longitudinal Palm-Replacement IDF
Inspired by 11
Justin Higham Casual Palm-Replacement Second-Deal IDF for odd-backed card
Inspired by 11
Justin Higham Bluff Dribble Force for forcing a card to yourself
Related toVariations 11
Justin Higham Dribble-Action Tabled Bluff Pass
Related to 12
Bobby Bernard Tabled Bluff Pass No. 2
Inspired by 12
David Davies Illogical Swing-Cut Force
Inspired byAlso published here 13
Justin Higham Illogical Riffle Force Riffle Force done upside down, where the two packets are openly transposed
Also published here 13
Paul Sommersguter Modification
Inspired by 15
Justin Higham Logical Riffle Force
  • In Favour of Illogicality
Inspired byRelated to 15
Kevin Baker K.B. Illogical Dribble Force
  • Handling One
  • Handling Two
Related to 16
Part 3: Effects
Paul Gordon IDF Count-Down Plus Joker Royal Flush revelation
Inspired by 18
Paul Gordon Fast IDF Ace Production
Related to 18
Paul Gordon IDF Mates two cards chosen from two halves are mates of previously removed cards
Related to 18
Justin Higham Double Odd-Colour IDF Coincidence two cards chosen from two halves, they're the only odd-colored ones
Related to 18
Justin Higham ID Card card chosen, performer takes indifferent card from deck and can glimpse and control selection with that
Justin Higham IDF Bluff Ace Production
Related to 19
Kevin Baker Impromptu Illogical Prefiguration
  • First Version
  • Second Version
Inspired byRelated toVariations 20
Justin Higham Dribble Transfer Aces four packets made via dribbling, Aces on bottom
Justin Higham Dribble Transfer Spell-Down
Justin Higham Optional Illogical Spell-Down
Justin Higham Face-Up Illogical Spell-Down
Justin Higham, Andrew Murray Triple-Layer Sandwich three-phase routine
Justin Higham IDF Sandwich Mates mate to selection found in sandwich
Justin Higham IDF Sandwich Reworked
Inspired by 24
Justin Higham Palm-Replacement IDF Production
  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
Justin Higham Mystic Thirteen
Inspired by
  • Gene Grant, Phantini Revisited, 1982, p. 18
Justin Higham IDF Jumping Card
Justin Higham IDF Double Production
Justin Higham Illogical Everywhere & Nowhere
Part 4: Further Ideas
Justin Higham Gambler's Cop Applications combined with Illogical Dribble Force
Related to 29
Justin Higham Credit-Card Production from deck of cards
Kevin Baker Flip-Over Dribble Force
Related to 30
Justin Higham Slide-Around Top/Bottom Dribble Force
Inspired byRelated to 30
Justin Higham Other Notes
Justin Higham Illogical Acid-Jazz Aces - In the Bag
Inspired by 31
Justin Higham Part 5: Creativity
Justin Higham Appendix: A Cognitive Illusion
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