Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Various

312 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(415 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Issue Page Categories
Roy Walton Down & Under from a packet a spectator choses two cards, they are mates
1 1
Dai Vernon The Name Is...? four of a kind matching selection shows up
Related to 1 1
Roger Klause Culling Procedure setting up four of a kind for spelling
1 1
Karl Fulves Color Control - Mentalists Night Out after a riffle shuffle some pairs and features of the hands are foreseen, ESP deck
Related to 1 2
Karl Fulves Black Magic effect about matching pairs of red and black, related to Gilbreath Principle, fifty-two double facers (!)
Related to 1 2
Edward Marlo Farocation faro location with new pack order stack
1 4
Edward Marlo Two Way Out if you know the selection is one of two possibilities
1 4
Bruce Cervon Rosecrans Reverse any named ace reverses instantly in packet
1 4
Unknown Cop Bottom Reverse bottom card is copped, packet turned over on top of it
1 4
J. W. Sarles, Don Nielson A Problem in five-card packet the cards change in some way
Related to 1 6
Robert E. Neale T.V. Puzzle paper fold puzzle
Also published here 1 6
Jack Avis Exchanged three of four Aces are switched
1 6
Karl Fulves Faro-Shuffling Machines examining the problem of finding an algorithm to find a faro combination to shuffle from position x to position y, discussed with a 6-card deck
1 7
Roy Walton A Faro Tree examining the problem of finding an algorithm to find a faro combination to shuffle from position x to position y
Also published here 1 8
Father Cyprian Faro Flush after shuffling, performer gets Royal Flush
2 9
Martin Gardner Stock Holdout spectator shuffles deck in parts, but partial stack is retained, for credit information see reference
Related to 2 9
William P. Miesel Cards & Dice Ace-Four and four dice match up, aces appear
Related to 2 9
Karl Fulves Over/Under - Monge Notes special shuffling procedure and some properties
Related to 2 10
Dan Tong Fan Reverse using one-handed fan
Variations 2 11
Roy Walton Universals - The Universal Ghost joker transforms into three selection in packet, elmsley count
Inspired byVariations 2 11
Roy Walton Elmsley Count Variation does the same as Jordan Count now
2 12
Roy Walton The Universal Mexican odd-backed joker transforms into three selections
Inspired by 2 12
Edward Marlo For the Informed card on deck is shown singly before and after transformation, three methods (tabled and ala Erdnase/Houdini Change)
Also published here 2 13
Robert E. Neale Insideout & Stretchit topological origami tube for several effects:
  • Stretchit
  • Insideout
  • The Chinese Wand
  • Additional Notes
  • With a Sponge Ball
  • The Square Circle
  • Flexible Transpo
for simplified folding method see reference
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2 14
Karl Fulves Q & A a deck is given a known sequence of faro shuffles (e.g. IOIIOOOIOIIOOIO), problem: how to recycle to get original order with faro shuffling
2 15
Sam Randlett Finnell's Spell as a set-up for Gene Finnell's "Spelling the Aces"
Related to 2 16
Karl Fulves Riffle-Shuffle Set-ups the whole issue is about this topic treating
  • Basic Color Control
  • Position Control
  • Automatic Locators
3 17
Karl Fulves Basic Color Control certain pair pattern when 2 stacked portions are shuffled into each other
3 17
Karl Fulves The Odd Event red-black matching thing with two card location
Related toVariations 3 18
Karl Fulves Riffle/Reverse combination of riffle shuffle and reverse faro, related to Gilbreath Principle
Related to 3 18
Karl Fulves The 3-Card Cycle properties after riffle shuffling deck in 1-2-3-1-2-3-... order
Variations 3 18
Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-ups exotic principle in which sequences are duplicated in a random outjog-sorting procedure
Related toVariationsAlso published here 3 19
Karl Fulves The Self-Correcting Set-up properties after riffle shuffling two sets of the same order
Variations 3 19
Karl Fulves 3-Card Sets more properties after riffle shuffling two sets of the same order
3 20
Karl Fulves Spread Correction determining position of key cards in the deck after a riffle shuffle
Related toVariations 3 20
Karl Fulves The Floating Locator determining position of key cards in the deck after a riffle shuffle with full deck stack
VariationsAlso published here 3 21
Karl Fulves Cyclic Poker performer knows cards in poker hands after a riffle shuffle with pinochle deck
3 22
Karl Fulves Psychometry + Math pairs of envelopes are distributed, personal items inserted and then performer know which is by whom
3 22
Karl Fulves Remember and Forget with mathematical riffle shuffle method
Variations 3 22
Karl Fulves A Location position of two free selections are divined, riffle shuffle method
Variations 3 22
Karl Fulves Double Up two selections from topsy-turvy deck, position and identity are predicted, riffle shuffle method
3 23
Karl Fulves Some Difference values of put-away dice are divined, based on theme in Henry Christ's "Sum & Difference"
Also published here 3 23
Frederick Pohl Heads I Win wager/puzzle in which performer knows something about the number of circles the spectator secretly draws
4 25
Paul Swinford The Cabalistic Pair not tossed, Joker is found between two chosen cards after faro shuffles, CCCC
4 25
Bruce Cervon, Dai Vernon Face-Up Flyers
4 27
Dai Vernon Face-Up Tent Vanish
4 27
Roy Walton Impact aces in envelopes with holes, chosen one turns over, then ace in envelope turns over, based on Chesbro & West's "Airmail" from Tricks You Can Count On
Also published here 4 27
Edward Marlo Pseudo Memory position of named card is called out, stack and faros
4 28
Martin Gardner More Monge more notes on the Monge Shuffle:
  • References
  • Recycling the Deck
  • The M/S Shuffle
  • Tricks (position of selection predicted & Do as I Do)
  • Analog of the M/S Shuffe
Related to 4 29
Karl Fulves New Mexican in the hands
4 30
Robert E. Neale Pyramid One paper pyramid that can produce flat objects, three chambers
Related to 4 31
Bruce Cervon, Earl Keyser Faro Count determining the number of cards in an incomplete dec
4 31
Karl Fulves Three Way Split transposition procedure posed as a problem, for solutions see references
Variations 4 32
Dai Vernon Repeat Poker Deal set-up, table faros
Related to 5 33
Robert E. Neale Pyramid Two another paper pyramid that can produce flat objects
Related to 5 33
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Two Chess Wagers
5 34
Kirk Stiles Ballabout one-ball routine with small ball, it is pressed flat as climax
5 35
Gene Finnell Riffle-Shuffle Set-ups some Gilbreath Principle applications and handling
5 36
Gene Finnell Red and Black Challenge red-black separation after riffle shuffle with location combo, gilbreath
5 37
Gene Finnell Face-up Face-down Duplication face up/face down order of two piles match, gilbreath
5 37
Gene Finnell Influential Pairs Variation some red-black matching occurs, gilbreath
Inspired by 5 37
Edward Marlo The Odd Event red-black matching thing with two-card location
Inspired by 5 38
Edward Marlo Remember and Forget
Inspired by 5 38
Edward Marlo Divided Deck Selection Finesse spreading in opposite direction for replacement
Related to 5 38
Edward Marlo Spread Correction performer knows position of two selections despite real riffle shuffle
Inspired by 5 39
Edward Marlo Jordan Plus Marlo selection found after three riffle shuffles, chains, stack
5 39
Roy Walton Restless Colors packet changes back colors multiple times
Inspired by 5 40
John Howie Brainwave Bet odd-backed unkown card inserted in deck, spectator names correct card, clean-up anti-climax follows, red-blue double backer
6 41
Roy Walton Money Power from twenty-card packet, two set of mates are found with spectator, making up four-of-a-kind
VariationsAlso published here 6 41
Bruce Cervon Half Reverse Cut in the action of cutting deck from hands to table half is turned over
Related toVariationsAlso published here 6 42
Bruce Cervon Simple Triumph
6 43
Bruce Cervon Kellie Displacement tabled deck turns over except selection
6 43
Karl Fulves Stealing Diamonds selection appears between two Jokers with plunger loading method while jokers are outjogged
6 43
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
6 43
Karl Fulves In The Beginning blank card is inserted in deck, it becomes a card according to spectator's wishes, gray code and faro, see also reference for further references, for set-up correction see page 56
Related to 6 44
Rick Johnsson, Harry Lorayne, Walter Rollins Colors Revealed after a riffle shuffle, the spectator sorts deck in multiple stage in colors and pockets piles in six different pockets, performer knows number of cards in each pocket
Related toAlso published here 6 45
Roy Walton Miracle Location two card location with red black alternated deck
Also published here 6 45
Edward Marlo Impromptu Repeat Miraskill Miraskill effect with face-up/face-down cards instead of red/black cards
6 45
Unknown Revolve Half Pass cards from center are passed to bottom and turned over
6 45
John Hamilton Divided Deck Subtlety
Inspired by 6 46
Robert E. Neale Pyramid Two
Inspired by 6 46
Ralph Gironda Reversing Aces
Related to 6 47
William P. Miesel 3rd Flight follow the leader with 3 quartets
6 48
Robert (Bob) Hess Loser! spectators have to guess the high card in 4 card packet and are always wrong
7 49
Jerry K. Hartman Two Way Split - (a) Underturn kind of wrist-turn second deal turnover as switch/reverse with applications
7 49
Jerry K. Hartman (b) EnTransed one card in center of deck
7 50
Jerry K. Hartman (c) Semi-Classical Quickie reversed card transforms into selection, see also Ed Marlo's "Classical Quickie" (Classical Foursome)
7 50
Jerry K. Hartman (d) Change of Face solution
Inspired by 7 50
Jerry K. Hartman (e) Change of Place
7 51
Roy Walton Influence some red-black matching occurs, two stacked decks, faro
Inspired by 7 51
Steve Shimm Game-Playing Machines article about simple computer programs applied to (card) games
  • Banker And Broker (cutting the high card)
  • The Tic-Tac-Toe Machine
  • Computer At The Card Table
  • The Machine As Innovator
Related to 7 52
Fred Lessor Brown-1 two cards show up at the same time during deal of two halves simultaneously, faro
7 54
Bruce Cervon Printout three blank cards are printed to match selection, see also Peter Bailey's idea of combining it with Roy Walton's Three Card Monte Routine (Devil's Playthings) on page 64
Related to 7 54
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon Count five as four, hiding two
7 55
Roy Walton Black Widow Notes transpo in sandwiches
Inspired byVariations 7 55
Roy Walton Bluff Cut brief
7 55
Ray Miller Black Widow Notes transpo in sandwiches
Inspired by 7 56
Bruce Cervon Simple Reverse
Related to 7 56
Mel Brown Jumping Jack three cards, one placed on table transposes with one in hand, based on rough-smooth effect by Bob Haskell
8 57
Robert (Bob) Hess Never Underestimate four Kings and three Queens, but no real unequal transposition
8 57
Horace E. Bennett Universal Joker
8 58
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
8 59
Fred Lessor Multiple of 2 Aces find two selections in two sandwiches, faro
8 59
Neal Elias Plunger Multiple Shift
8 60
Bruce Cervon 3 Way Split divided double faced card, solution
Inspired by 8 60
Roy Walton Divided We Stand kind of small-packet OOTW
Inspired byRelated to 8 61
Jerry K. Hartman Sandswitch transpo in sandwiches
Inspired by 8 62
Karl Fulves The Closed Prediction spectator removes card from sixteen-card packet, performer faro shuffles and finds mate
8 63
John Hamilton Instant Oil 4&4 (based on a Marlo 3&3 handling from Ibidem)
8 64
Lin Searles Odd Backed Reversing Aces color changing back kicker idea
Inspired by 8 64
William P. Miesel Simplex 3 Way simplified solution
Inspired by 9 65
Glen Kehler Telepath based on Hen Fetch's "Symbologic"
9 65
Gray Leese 4-Card Quadrille signed prediction card turns out to be card selected & initialed by spectator
Related to 9 66
Unknown Tilt
9 66
Paul Swinford Three Different Ways presentation of "Flipper" in Chesbro's Tricks You Can Count On
9 67
Edward Marlo ATFUS
9 67
Fred Lessor Nice Recovery four Aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling
Variations 9 67
Unknown The Push-Pull Vanish card apparently sandwiched, really placed on bottom
9 67
Karl Fulves Once A King aces and kings, three card monte presentation, ace travels to king packet
9 68
Jerry K. Hartman Imagin-Ace-tion aces all become AS, then back
9 69
Karl Fulves Quadrille Notes
Related to 9 70
Robert E. Neale Insideout Jr. simplified construction
Inspired by 9 70
Roy Walton They Match initials on different card come together on one card
Inspired by 9 71
Norman Houghton Ultimate stack with apparent miss
Inspired by 9 71
Unknown Gravity Reverse bottom card of fanned packet
9 71
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Card Problems translated by Bob Woodward
1. Choice Of Color
2. Changing Ace
3. Card To Pocket
4. The Secret King Of Spades
5. The Five Changing Cards
for corrected translation see reference
Variations 9 72
Roger Klause Convincing Mock Pass tilt & bluff pass combination
10 73
Larry Jennings L.J. Collectors
Related to 10 73
Ken Krenzel, Harvey Rosenthal The K-R Handling
Inspired by 10 74
Howard Lyons Interlock Steal unloading cards under top cards
10 74
Francis Haxton Jordan's 4-as-4 Count Jordan Count handling
10 75
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal as a production in which deck cuts itself at selection when dropped on table
10 75
Milbourne Christopher Riffle Glimpse glimpsing odd-colored card in divided deck, credit information, divided deck
10 76
Karl Fulves A Remarkable Bet heads and tails bet with three coins, presentation for Walter Penney's coin flipping paradox
10 77
Harvey Rosenthal Instant Sandwich king on bottom and top, vanish and sandwich card in middle
Related to 10 77
Harvey Rosenthal The Rosenthal Placement kelly alternative
10 78
Harvey Rosenthal Multiple Bottom Palm into right hand
10 78
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Card Problems translation by Bob Woodward, corrected by Reinhard Müller
1. Choice Of Color
2. Changing Aces
3. Card To Cigar-Case
4. The Secret King Of Spades
5. The Five Changing Cards
6. Carte Blanche (The Blank Card)
7. The Magic Ring
8. Strange Coincidence
9. Card and Bank-Note
10. Card And Handkerchief
Related to 10 78
Fred Lessor Open & Shut Prediction
10 79
Fred Lessor Flipover Switch Mexican Turnover as tabled spread is flipped over with a card
Related to 10 80
George Sands Duplex Changing Card stranger card on top of deck transforms into two selections
Variations 11 81
Jack Avis The "Lost Ace" Trick
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 11 81
Jack Avis The Siva Count
11 82
Robert E. Neale An Illusion flattened ring of paper is stretched
11 82
Roy Walton Upsidedown Collectors five cards collect the Aces
11 83
Gerald Kosky Transpose & Follow
11 84
Karl Fulves Swallow the Leader Ace assembly, then Aces vanish
11 85
Karl Fulves Simple Addition
11 85
Karl Fulves Reference Data references for Strip-Out Addition
11 86
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Card Problems 11. Card And Watch
12. The Magic Separation
13. The Flower Puzzle
14. The Toss Of The Cards
15. Rubezahl
16. The Visiting Card
17. The Game Of The Lansquenets
18. The Mysterious Card
Related to 11 86
Dr. Jacob Daley, Martin Gardner Daley's Card Thru Hank
11 87
Karl Fulves Pull Down Move Credit
Related to 11 88
Dai Vernon Multiple Change stranger card on top of deck transforms into two selections
Inspired by 12 89
Lin Searles M/Separation 4&4, using the Monge Shuffle
12 89
Gene Finnell A Dice Paradox
12 90
Gene Finnell A Card Game Paradox
Related to 12 91
Johnny Thompson, Harry Riser Hofzinser All-Backed three card transformation sequence, with all-backs phase, see references for credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 12 91
Karl Fulves Background of Quick Three-Way
12 91
Harvey Rosenthal The Center Cut center block pass false cut, credit information, as key placement for peeked at card
Related toAlso published here 12 93
Joseph K. Schmidt One-Hand Table Faro good luck
Related to 12 94
Karl Fulves All Backs three card transformation sequence, with all-backs phase
Inspired by 12 95
Roy Walton Nomad Card two cards selected by counting cut-off heaps, odd-backed card in deck transforms into both selections, faro
Related to 12 97
Howard Lyons Toronto Dice note
Inspired by 13 99
Al Saal Three Card Trick three wrong cards, one of them transforms into selection
13 99
Milton Kort All Backs Finish three card transformation sequence, with all-backs phase
13 100
Fred Lessor Simple Optics selection travels from underneath hat into deck between aces, simplified handling
Inspired byVariations 13 101
Dr. Jacob Daley Bevel Multiple Shift
Also published here 13 102
Karl Fulves Two Shuffle Controls: Riffle Placement two selection in incomplete riffle shuffle condition are selected and controlled twenty-six cards apart, two handlings
Related to 13 103
Karl Fulves Theoretical Readers edge marked stay stack to locate selection and its mate
Related to 13 104
Gordon Bruce A Card Switch
Related to 13 105
Unknown Two Letters credit fight over riffle shuffle work, Marlo/Daley controversy
13 106
David Reichler Double Hofzinser joker transforms into two selections, Reichler = Rosenthal according to reference
Related to 13 108
Lin Searles Pre-Cannibal Cards card disappears from sandwich, reappears in another sandwich in middle of deck
Related toVariations 14 109
Sam Schwartz A.E.-I.O.U.
Variations 14 109
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Vanish prayer vanish
14 111
Larry Jennings Trinary Metastasis indifferent cards between kings change into selections, two methods
Variations 14 111
Larry Jennings Larreverse Get Ready & Switch double in spread and side-jogged double lift unload
14 111
Reinhard Müller 3-Card Catch selection is found via Three Card Catch, two methods
Related toVariations 14 112
Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton Expansion Notes: As A Coincidence procedure to control two peeked cards twenty-six apart, effect application in which two selection appear at same position in two halves
14 113
Unknown Center Placement placing a key card at twenty-six from face
14 113
Unknown Peek Force riffling and stopping without anyone saying stop
14 113
Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton As A Single Card Discovery Expansion Notes, faro and twenty-six key
14 113
Alex Elmsley, Roy Walton As A Triple Card Revelation Expansion Notes, faro and twenty-six key
14 114
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces Aces turn over one by one between two Jokers, change to Kings
Related toVariations 14 114
Gene Finnell The 26th Card two selections are in same position in two halves
14 115
Roy Walton Pocket Power five blank cards change to royal flush
Related to 14 116
Robert E. Neale New Age Cards three cards with words on them, thought-of word divined, one of the cards vanishes
Related to 14 117
Derek Dingle Double Stranger two decks, performer and spectator chose a card, they turn out to be the only odd-backed, for credits see page 142
15 (Part 1) 119
Derek Dingle, Yasuo Kiga Ala Kiga jacks change into deuces, inspired from trick by Yatsua Kiga
15 (Part 1) 120
Derek Dingle Lapping bottom cards of a packet
15 (Part 1) 121
Derek Dingle Twisting the Aces color changing back kicker
15 (Part 1) 121
Derek Dingle Royal Collectors
15 (Part 1) 123
Derek Dingle ATFUS Variation
15 (Part 1) 123
Unknown Picture Card Pseudo Duplicate
Related to
  • p. 142 for credits
15 (Part 1) 123
Derek Dingle The 76c Assembly three silver and one copper coin assemble under a card, shell and double sided coin
15 (Part 1) 124
Derek Dingle Universal Chameleon divided flap card
15 (Part 1) 127
Unknown Packet Stop Force
15 (Part 1) 127
Derek Dingle Mental Triumph mathematical selection procedure
Related to 15 (Part 1) 129
Unknown Corner Crimp while Spreading
15 (Part 1) 129
Derek Dingle Gambler's Triumph matching the cards / triumph combo
15 (Part 2) 131
Derek Dingle Side-Steal Placement to known position near top or bottom of deck
15 (Part 2) 133
Derek Dingle Applications - 1. of Side-Steal Placement, simple spelling trick
15 (Part 2) 134
Harvey Rosenthal Applications - 2. of Side-Steal Placement, direct sandwich
15 (Part 2) 135
Karl Fulves Applications - 3. of Side-Steal Placement, odd-backed card in deck turns out to be freely peeked at card
15 (Part 2) 135
Derek Dingle Two Coppers penny changes to giant penny, back to normal, then to micro penny
Related toVariations 15 (Part 2) 135
Derek Dingle The Bounce Change
15 (Part 2) 136
Derek Dingle Bluff Shift
Also published here 15 (Part 2) 137
Derek Dingle, Walter E. Cummings, Eddie Fechter F.C.D. Aces sliding production
Related toVariations 15 (Part 2) 139
Derek Dingle Progressive Triumph four selections, funny presentation, solution
Inspired by 15 (Part 2) 141
Dai Vernon, Bruce Cervon Devil's Elevator apparent second, third, fourth deals with small packet
Inspired by
  • "The Devil's Elevator" (Necromancer #9)
Related toVariations
16 143
David Bornstein El Blanco four blank cards get faces
16 143
Roy Walton Drop Outs
16 144
Ron Ferris Fall Out Move card(s) fall on table from incomplete faro shuffled deck
Related to
  • Linking Ring (May 1970)
16 144
Mike Rogers Whistle/No Sliding sliding production
Inspired by 16 145
Ken Krenzel A 4-Ace Problem effect and conditions
Variations 16 146
Wesley James L.S.D. Aces
Variations 16 147
Unknown Secret Subtraction Alternative
Related to
  • p. 142 for credits
16 147
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control selection made in incomplete riffle shuffle condition, controlled to twenty-six or known position
Related toVariations 16 148
Francis Haxton Nice Recovery - 2 four aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling, stand-up handling
Inspired by 16 149
Charles Hudson Hummer - 4 four cards mixed face up face down by spectator, values of face up cards predicted, CATO
Related to 16 150
Earl Keyser Faro Ideas - Reflected Gray Stack sixteen-Card Arrangement & 32-Card Arrangement, solution
Inspired by 16 151
Earl Keyser 22-Card Poker Deal after any number of faro shuffles, the dealer always wins, stack
16 151
Earl Keyser 22-Card Faro Spelling Trick
16 151
Tony Cole No Mirror thumbnail as impromptu shiner
16 152
Earl Keyser Mirage Deck also suggestion of different colored writing
Related to
  • p. 202 for credits
16 152
Ken Beale Color Confused monte effect from top of deck in which cards keep transforming
Inspired by
  • effect in Ibidem #26
17 153
Gordon Bruce Pocket Palm
17 154
Roy Walton Royal Marriages
17 155
Gerald Kosky 3-Card Catch selection is found via Three-Card Catch, simplified procedure
Inspired by 17 156
Larry Jennings 3 Reverses
Related toAlso published here 17 157
William Zavis Coincidence two selections are in same position in two halves and divined, faro
17 158
Father Cyprian Hofzinser - 70 in addition to classic effect all cards of chosen suit appear reversed and in order throughout deck, faro
17 159
Earl Keyser Faro Again with rough-smooth
Inspired by 17 159
Karl Fulves Straight Across aces and 2C, 3C, 4C, aces become A-4 of clubs, other cards 5-7 of clubs
17 160
Dennis Marks No Table Triumph
17 160
Henry Bihari Display Reverse
17 161
Jack Avis Topsy Turvy triumph with ambitious phases and four-of-a-kind kicker
18 163
Brother John Hamman Odd-Even-Odd two odd and two even cards change place, two then change to Jacks
Related toVariations 18 164
Dr. Jacob Daley Small Packet Bottom Double Lift three-card packet
18 165
Karl Fulves Double Play 6-card packet is cut and the cards distribute in an impossible way for an apparent straight cut
18 165
Karl Fulves Deck Cutting Procedures notes and references for displacement cuts
18 166
Karl Fulves Cut To Stack The Aces stacking with cutting procedure, posed as a problem
18 166
Wesley James Tabled Bottom Deal
Related to 18 167
Francis Haxton 5-Card Hofzinser two cards chosen from five transform into previous selections, solution to Hofzinser Problem 5
Inspired byRelated to 18 168
Unknown Undercount Off the Deck
18 168
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer brief
18 168
Fred G. Taylor, Neal Elias The Jiggle Pass
Related toVariations 18 168
Fred G. Taylor, Neal Elias The Riffle Pass Jiggle Pass with riffle cover
Related to 18 169
Fred G. Taylor, Neal Elias Peek Pass Jiggle Pass combined with a glimpse of selection
Related to 18 170
Fred G. Taylor, Neal Elias The "Passless" Pass applying Jiggle Pass to Display Bluff Pass type, Modern Magic referenced
Related to 18 170
James G. Thompson Jr. Reverse Glide
18 171
Bill Logan Re-Confused
Inspired by
  • "Confused" (Verne Chesbro & Larry West, Tricks You Can Count On)
19 173
Bruce Cervon Hofzinser All-Backed three card packet, two methods:
  • Easy as One-Two-Three
  • All for One
19 174
Roy Walton Isolator card selected, cards dealt in two piles by spectator, colors separated except selection, faro
Variations 19 175
Sam Schwartz Back Flip double color changing back kicker
Related to
  • p. 202 for small correction
19 175
Sam Schwartz Modified 4-As-4 Count Elmsley Count with displacement at the end
19 176
Karl Fulves On Two Counts:
signed selection in deck, four blank cards brought out, on one selection is drawn, turns over, changes into real selection
19 176
Karl Fulves The Combination Count four as four, combining Norm Osborn's "Unlimited" count with Elmsley count
19 177
Karl Fulves The Modified Count four as four, combining Norm Osborn's "Unlimited" count with Elmsley count, modified "The Combination Count"
19 177
Karl Fulves Snap Count hiding center card of five
19 178
Fred Lessor Switch Back two cards change place, one transforms into selection
19 178
Fred Lessor, Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Variation
19 178
Derek Dingle All Backs aces lost and found in process, color changing backs kicker, twenty red-blue double backers
Related to 19 179
Derek Dingle Reverse Ovette Master Move
19 180
Murray Bonfeld Bonfeld Half Pass swing cut cover
VariationsAlso published here 19 181
Murray Bonfeld Bonfeld Bottom Deal
19 181
Harvey Rosenthal Tilt Prediction previously reversed card turns out to be later selection, two methods
20 183
Karl Fulves One-Hand Tilt Get-Ready mention of it: "Although (...) not appeared in print, it seems to be widely used with many variations in circulation."
20 183
Mike Rogers Minus One odd backed card underneath cardboard, another card signed is put underneath as well, they become one signed odd-backed card
Inspired by 20 184
Herb Zarrow 4-Card Catch
20 184
Karl Fulves Espionage random card brought in contact with three Aces becomes ace, same with three Jacks
20 185
Karl Fulves Interlock Addition
Related to 20 186
Gray Leese Uprising order of four cards changes
20 187
Walter Rollins Multiple Shift cards go to the bottom
Inspired by 20 187
Derek Dingle Riddle's Aces Ace cutting, to Kings transformation, Aces in pocket
Also published here 20 188
Dai Vernon Interlock Switch
20 188
Roy Walton Collecting Box three collector cards in box collect two cards
20 189
Henry Christ H.C. Aces apparently original handling by Henry Christ
20 190
Karl Fulves The Two-Card Deal false dealing problem
20 191
Karl Fulves The Five-Card Deal gambling problem, see also page 202 for restrictions, for solution see reference
Variations 20 191
John Scarne Dice Hustle
20 192
Howard Schwarzman Night Visitor
Inspired by 21 193
Martin Gardner The "Wink" Change
Also published here 21 194
James G. Thompson Jr. Ah One Anna Two...
21 196
Herb Zarrow Swindle Mates matching order of two suits, swindle switch
21 196
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
21 197
Roy Walton Imprint blank cards become duplicates of selection
21 197
Karl Fulves Center Pull-Out basis of so called Gemini Count, credit information
Related toAlso published here 21 198
Karl Fulves Countback
21 199
Karl Fulves Drawback jokers change to royal flush
21 199
Karl Fulves Seven As Four false count which ends in a fan of three doubles and a single card
21 200
William P. Miesel Duo Coincido two mates are found, two methods
Inspired by
  • "Double Coincido" (Karl Fulves, MUM Vol.62/8)
21 200
Rick Johnsson Empty KS Empty Kosky Switch
Variations 22 203
David Luenberger Royalty
22 204
Milton Tropp, Jerry Lukins, Al Cohen Coins Up Sleeve three coins to glass, shell, based on routines by Al Cohen and Jerry Lukins (Hugard's)
Inspired by 22 205
John Cornelius Flicker
Also published here 22 207
Jeff Busby Two Counts: Four As Four alternative to Jordan Count
Related to 22 207
Jeff Busby Four As Five four as five with one concealed
22 208
Jeff Busby Whispering Joker five cards with joker, joker whispers selection which then vanishes, double facer
22 208
Neal Elias 2 Jacks Again Jacks travel from end of faced deck to center and around the deck (four phases)
Related to 22 209
Unknown The Basic Move reverse cull to get bottom card to center during spread
22 209
Karl Fulves Crucible Coin one of three coins changes to copper, modified half shell
22 211
Karl Fulves Other Applications for half shell (slotted coin)
22 212
John Scarne Roulette Paradox article about roulette betting
Related to 23 213
Larry Jennings Side Rise card is shaken out of incomplete faro deck
Related toVariations 23 214
Ken Krenzel Cover-Up Switch with lapping
23 214
Karl Fulves Wireless how to set up for the plunger rise with variations
Related to 23 215
Piet Forton Ace Popper pop out move
23 219
Harry Houdini ESP card in spectator's pocket changes, only speculation
23 220
Jack Avis The Sport Trick four blank cards, on one a picture of a girl appears and vanishes
Also published here 23 220
Karl Fulves Editorial Comments credit fight over Marlo regarding Jordan Count, Block Transfers and more
23 221
Michael Skinner Francis Carlyle's Ghost
Variations 24 223
Unknown The 9-Principle Location placement-control of selection, faro
Related to 24 223
James G. Thompson Jr. However amusing patter. color changing backs kicker
24 224
Jack Avis Four Tricks: Random Speller
24 225
Jack Avis This Is My Card
24 225
Jack Avis Siva's Nightmare one-way deck
Inspired by 24 226
Jack Avis Five Card Do As I Did
24 226
Karl Fulves Three Tricks: Paradyne Principle faro control with fanned incomplete faro deck
24 227
Karl Fulves Strike/Oil 4&4, unconventional
Related to 24 229
Karl Fulves Strike/Pull Deal double deal beneath top card
24 229
Karl Fulves The Strike/Strike Trap
24 229
Karl Fulves Strike/Strike Deal double deal beneath top card
24 229
Howard Schwarzman Night Poker seven handed game, faro, spectator has some choices but still performer wins, exploiting Primitive Cycles