Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Larry Jennings

254 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

(120 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harvey Rosenthal Foreword 11
Richard Kaufman Introduction 12
Larry Jennings Another Four-Card Trick Inspired byRelated to 16
Cliff Green Breaking Technique Buckle as a double buckle 16
Larry Jennings Impossible Divination No. 1 18
Larry Jennings Impossible Divination No. 2 automatic placement 20
Larry Jennings Monarchs' Quartette - Version One
- Version Two
Larry Jennings Overhand Shuffle Jog Technique Related to 22
Lin Searles Autobreak 23
Larry Jennings Two Card Bold Switch 25
Larry Jennings Red/Black Flyer - Version One
- Version Two
Dai Vernon, S. W. Erdnase Verdnase Break 30
Dai Vernon Re-Turned Touch Turn - The Dai Vernon Handling color changing back kickerInspired by
  • Harvey Rosenthal's version in "Off-Color Card Tricks" (Milt Kort, 1970)
Larry Jennings Re-Turned Touch Turn - The Larry Jennings Handling color changing back kickerInspired by
  • Harvey Rosenthal's version in "Off-Color Card Tricks" (Milt Kort, 1970)
Larry Jennings Another Winning Hand two hands, cards are drawn, performer wins two timesInspired by 37
Larry Jennings A Gambler Holds Out the Aces Inspired by 39
Larry Jennings Slip Cut Handling 40
Larry Jennings The Jennings Double Pushoff Technique 42
Larry Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement - Full-Deck Handling
- Small Packet Handling
Unknown Immediate Bottom Placement Kaufman's version of its history 44
Larry Jennings LJ Angle Steal Multiple Shift 51
Larry Jennings LJ Angle Steal 51
Larry Jennings LJ Swing Cut Multiple Shift to bottomInspired by 55
Dad Stevens Dad Stevens' Other Shuffle no interlacingRelated toVariations 57
Larry Jennings The Circle Shift all-around square up cover 60
Larry Jennings The Circle Top Palm all around square up cover 64
Larry Jennings Bevel Top Palm Related to
  • "Invisible Top Card Palm" (Howard Schwarzman, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 5 No. 4, 1947, p. 350)
Larry Jennings '67 Transposition one pocketed, the other sandwiched
- 1967 Version
- 1996 Version
Larry Jennings The Six/Four Count Card to Pocket 74
Larry Jennings The Six/Four Count 74
Larry Jennings Gambler's Cop 74
Larry Jennings The Six/Four Count Card Across 77
Larry Jennings Houdini Card Escapes Again interesting structureInspired by 79
Larry Jennings Card to Pocket Princess - Version One
- Version Two
Larry Jennings The Cut Ruse two handlings, same as Sadowitz item from referenceRelated to 82
Larry Jennings The Double Verdnase Glimpse small packet 83
Larry Jennings The Triple Verdnase Glimpse small packet 84
Larry Jennings The '65 Card Staggerer sleightly different effect
- Version One
- Version Two
Dai Vernon, William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Reconstructing the Professor's Princess - Method One (Dai Vernon)
- Method Two (Larry Jennings)
- Method Three (Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings)
- Method Four (Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings and William Goodwin)
Dai Vernon Tent Vanish Glimpse 90
Francis Carlyle, Will Goldston Paddle Move 92
Larry Jennings Paddle Move Glimpse single card 92
Dai Vernon Flicker Glimpse flimpse, single card 93
Larry Jennings Depth Thrust I spectator stabs behind the back, two cards sandwich selection 100
Larry Jennings A Subtle Getready for the Depth Illusion using break enlargement techniqueRelated to 100
Larry Jennings Depth Thrust II spectator stabs, two cards sandwich selection 102
Larry Jennings Two-Step Side Steal 102
Larry Jennings Search and Stop using jacket 105
Edward Marlo "Search" Technique 105
Larry Jennings The Los Angeles Hop Inspired by 108
Ron Wilson Packet to Packet Transfer one packet tabled 108
Larry Jennings Red/Black Shuffle Revelation red/black kickerInspired by
  • a trick of Milt Kort's
Charles T. Jordan, Larry Jennings Red/Black Overhand Shuffle with verbal ploy to cover single run 113
Larry Jennings The Transmutated Cards three cardsRelated to 114
Larry Jennings Hindu Shuffle Force for color changing cards 115
Larry Jennings The Transmutated Deck Related to 119
Larry Jennings Hindu Shuffle Force for color changing deck 120
Larry Jennings Jennings' Technique on Houdini/Erdnase Transformation 122
Larry Jennings The Wrong Place at the Right Time named card is odd-backed, three versions 124
Larry Jennings Pocket Deck Switch classic switch 124
Larry Jennings Larry Whistles and Slides credit information, sliding production, two versions 127
Larry Jennings Seven-Card Monte Gypsy Curse 131
Larry Jennings Swindle Four-King Triumph selfworking 138
Dai Vernon Vernon's Creeping Reverse 141
Larry Jennings The Creeping Aces Aces reversed in center vanish one by one, reappear 144
Larry Jennings The Truthful Triumph Related to 146
Tenkai Ishida Optical Reverse 146
Larry Jennings The '65 Aces aces vanish, spectator finds aces, come to top, turn over in deck, different handling options 148
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Shift sliding block 149
Dai Vernon Advanced Stripout Addition 150
Larry Jennings LJ's Instant Spell with reversalInspired by 153
Richard Kaufman Evolution of a Classic Routine: "Invisible Palm Aces" - History credit essay 156
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 1 - The Molecular Aces aces vanish on deck, reappear on table 160
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 160
Larry Jennings Wave Procuction on table 162
Larry Jennings The Tent Palm 164
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 2 aces vanish on deck, reappear on table 167
Larry Jennings Tabled D'Amico Spread 168
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 3 - The Appearing Aces no extra card 170
Larry Jennings Small-Packet Hofzinser Bottom/Top Change 170
Larry Jennings Gambler's Cop Vanish barhanded 172
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 4 - The Numerical Travellers 175
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 5 no extra card
- The Lonesome Travellers
- The Alpha Count Travellers
Larry Jennings Snap Palm for (very) small packet 180
Larry Jennings The Alpha Count one as two 182
Larry Jennings Bottom Palm Vanish barehanded 183
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces No. 6 184
Larry Jennings Scoop Up Replacement standard 184
Stuart Gordon Gordon Double 187
Larry Jennings Bounce Double as card is flipped on tabled pile 191
Adrian Plate Excelsior Change Erdnase Palm Change 192
Larry Jennings Rub A Dub Dub Handling 193
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces to Pocket travellers-combo
- Version One
- Version Two
Larry Jennings Small Packet 201
Larry Jennings Hugard Top Palm from small packet 201
Larry Jennings Royal Puzzle Inspired by 204
Larry Jennings The Christ Aces Redone 207
Larry Jennings Deck Double placing a double on the tabled deck 210
Larry Jennings The Simple Stencel Inspired by 212
Larry Jennings Drop Sleight with Vernase Break 213
Larry Jennings The Jennings/Collins Aces 220
Richard Kaufman A few words about "The Collins Aces credit information 220
Larry Jennings '65 Twist 226
Larry Jennings Small Packet Half Pass similar to Asher Twist 227
Dr. Jacob Daley, Larry Jennings Alternative Opening Sequence also for Vernon's Twisting routine 227
Larry Jennings The Ouagadougou Twist double change climax, on the pack 229
Larry Jennings Leaving the Body three card, third vanishes as climaxRelated to 232
Larry Jennings To the Center Steal 233
Dai Vernon Through the Fist Flourish 234
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish 235
Larry Jennings Pineapple Surprise '70 transformation kicker, double facersInspired by
  • "Pineapple Surprise" (Walt Rollins, MUM Dec. 1963)
Related toVariations
Larry Jennings, Ken Krenzel Small-Packet Handling of the Mechanical Reverse 238
Larry Jennings Jennings' Double-Lift Getready small packet handling 239
Larry Jennings Pineapple Surprise '92 No. 1 transformation kicker, double facersInspired by 242
Brother John Hamman Two-as-Four Count 242
Larry Jennings Pineapple Surprise '92 No. 2 transformation kicker, double facersInspired by 246
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 249
Larry Jennings Free Fall Double 249
Larry Jennings Pineapple Twist au natural transformation kicker, no gimmicksInspired by 251
Larry Jennings Misdirective Outjog Switch 253