15 entries in Cards / Sleights / False Dealing / Double Deals / Top Center
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Tommy Rozum Double Deal Display from packet towards the back
1939 The Jinx (Issue 54) 388
John Brown Cook The Transfer of a Card double deal from centre for short ambitious card sequence
1946 Card Control 80
Edward Marlo Center Double Deal short mention, from Erdnase grip
1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 107
Nate Leipzig Ambitious Card Quickie double deal turnover, from center and top
1963 Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 162
Martin A. Nash The Center Double Deal
1979 Sleight Unseen 334
Martin A. Nash, Jim Cooper Delayed Action Center Deal as a double deal
1982 Card News '82 61
Robert Gardner Stab-ility using double deal from center and impromptu double backer
Mar. 1984 Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 3) 897
Nate Leipzig, John Brown Cook The Transfer of a Card not really a Deal
1985/87 Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 88
Irv Weiner The One-Card Double Lift not really a Deal
Related to 1985/87 Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 90
Irv Weiner The Ambitious Double-Deal
1985/87 Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 91
Ken Krenzel Front Double Deal
1990 Close-up Impact! 96
Karl Fulves Covered Side Steal as Double Deal center and top card removed as the top card and turned over
1995 The Fine Print (Issue 2) 30
Irv Weiner, Howard Schwarzman, Edward Marlo Out-Jog Alignment Move card near the top is out-jogged and shown, top card secretly slid out to be aligned with it
Jan. 1998 Onyx (Issue 2) 9
Wesley James Double Deal discussion and sources
2004 Enchantments 269
R. Paul Wilson The C.C. Center setting up for Center Deal with "The Consistent Control", as Stop Trick, Key Card Placement, Double Deal
2014 Card Men 57