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The Middle Deal - a., c.
1940 24
Edward Marlo Exhibition Center Deal similarities to Kennedy Center Deal
1959 96
Edward Marlo Step Center Deal
1959 98
Edward Marlo Weakling's Center Deal if hand is not strong enough to buckle half the deck
1959 100
Edward Marlo Side Steal Center Deal take from above
1959 102
Edward Marlo The Tabled Center Deal
1959 106
Edward Marlo The Marlo Center Deal
1974 240
Allen Kennedy, Dai Vernon The Allen Kennedy Center Deal
Also published here 1978 80
Jim Cooper The Delayed-Action Center dealing one card from the center
1979 323
Jim Cooper The Continuous Center dealing mulitple cards from the center
1979 326
Martin A. Nash The Stud Variation
1979 328
Martin A. Nash The Scissors Center unusual take
1979 329
Martin A. Nash The Slapped Center
1979 330
Martin A. Nash Side-Jog Center Deal for single card
Nov. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 11)
Edward Marlo The Basic Mechanics
1984 170
Ken Krenzel The Flexi-Deal see also Ed Marlo's Push-Pull Bottom Deal (New Tops)
1990 186
Side-Jog Center Deal simple, brief
1991 41
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' Center Deal Fragmentary Notes by Hilliard
Also published here 1994 1080
Allan Ackerman, Bill Kalush, Wesley James The Ackerman Center Deal (Modified) using Ackerman's technique for two-handed deal (idea by Kalush)
Inspired by 1997 75
Andrew Wimhurst The Centre Deal
1998 31
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' Center Deal "Fragmentary Notes By John Northern Hilliard"
Also published here Dec. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 12)
Dai Vernon, Allen Kennedy The Allen Kennedy Center Deal
Also published here Dec. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 12)
David Ben The Allen Kennedy Center Deal Exposed
Dec. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 12)
Wesley James Center Deal discussion and sources
2004 261
Wesley James The Undifferentiated Middle
  • Adding Differentiation
2004 274
Martin A. Nash Real (Center) Deal spectator shuffles and cuts, aces dealt with real (side-jog) center deal
2007 204
Edward Marlo Natural Grip Center Deal
Jan. 2008
Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Allen Kennedy Kennedy Center Deal
2012 26
R. Paul Wilson The C.C. Center setting up for Center Deal with "The Consistent Control", as Stop Trick, Key Card Placement, Double Deal
2014 57
Steve Forte Thirds, Greek Bottoms, and Centers comments
2020 470
Steve Forte The Center Deal comments on its value for cheating
  • the magician and the cardsharp
  • center-deal demonstrations
2020 471
Steve Forte Breakless Center Deal dealing one from a slug of cards, estimation and block push-off
2020 941
Steve Forte Center Dealing Technique from first-finger break
Inspired by 2020 944