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Changement eines Kartenhauses No. 2, seven-card card castle vanishes from underneath cover and appears under another cover, then travels back, collapsable castle with rubber bands
1900 63
Tom Sellers The Climax Card Effect cylinder made of cards appears
1931 23
Leslie P. Guest A Card Castle construction for production card castle, chosen card appears on silk and deck transforms into card castle on tray
Variations Dec. 1945 181
Jean Hugard A Card Castle further credit information
Inspired by Jan. 1946 186
Lu Brent Card Castle deck spread on plate and covered with handkerchief, two times wrong card found, deck transforms into castle with a card on top, again wrong, selection rises out
Feb. 1946 192
Building Card Castles
1949 21
Ken De Courcy Calling All Cards deck shuffled and put in trouser pockets, any card called for produced, then any non-playing card (birthday card, membership card, score card, ...) called for à la Arthur Lloyd, with gags and card castle finale
1964 2
Ali Bongo Doves A La Carte cards on tray turn into card castle, which can be opened and doves appear
1966 5
Pete Biro What's Happening to those Cards? cards on floor are gathered and formed to a card castle
Magick (Issue 34)
Paul Harris The Castle Conspiracy four cards are put in card castle formation, one of them changes place with King, other three transform into Kings
VariationsAlso published here 1979 152
Paul Harris Instant Castle quickly constructing card castle on table
1979 160
Karl Fulves (D) The Haunting light and sound effects from card castle, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 37)
Karl Fulves There Was a Crooked House card house built from three folded cards, selection ends up folded inside
  • Unreal Estate
The Chronicles (Issue 27)
Ken De Courcy The Castle Card Prediction 52-on-1 card gag with appearing card castle
1980 53
Ben Harris Housing Loan four cards are put in square card castle formation, a coin appears inside, it vanishes and reappears inside
Inspired by 1981 82
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Magnetic Aces three cards made into triangle card castle configuration, three of four Aces lost in deck, castle collapses and consists of other three Aces
Related to 1981 121
The House that Jack Built No. 50, card house folded with three cards, card chosen, it travels to case and the house is made from its three mates, duplicate
1984 70
Bruce Cervon, Lawrence "Larry" Grey Larry Gray's Cards Across with card castle from newspaper climax
Inspired by 1985 (ca.) 15
Josef Havel Das wandernde Kartenhaus card castles appear vanish and travel under triangular covers
Also published here
  • Prager Zaubereien
Sep. 1992
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 2)
Paul Harris The Castle Conspiracy four cards are put in card castle formation, one of them changes place with King, other three transform into Kings
Also published here 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer)
Karl Fulves, Al Leech The Card Castle No. 12, two Jokers sandwich a King and Queen couple, four cards taped at ends made into box/castle
Related to 2001 18
Luke Jermay A Remote Castle card castle is destroyed by spectator and face up cards divined
Related to 2003 101
Paul Osborne The Candy Castle
  • Osborne Illusions
card castle as ginger house with selected design card on top
Dec. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 12)