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30 pages (Stapled), published by Corinda's Magic Studio

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Tony Corinda Part One: Pencil Reading general remarks 28
Tony Corinda (1) When To Do It - Favourable Conditions
- Unfavourable Condtions
Tony Corinda (2) The Pencil Used for Writing 30
Tony Corinda (3) The Card Used When Writing Is Done 31
Tony Corinda (4) The Distance Between You and the Spectator 31
Tony Corinda (5) Safety Checks to Eliminate Errors 31
Tony Corinda (6) Pencil Reading of Numbers 32
Tony Corinda (7) Pencil Reading Words 32
Tony Corinda (8) Pencil Reading by Position 33
Tony Corinda Summary Related to 33
Tony Corinda (1) "Get-outs Gallore" written word is divined, with outs 33
Theodore Annemann (2) Strange Coincidence spectator and performer always write the same numbers, one behindRelated to 34
Tony Corinda (3) The Total Result add-a-number divination 34
Tony Corinda (4) A Debt Repaid spectator writes down a sum of money, performer lets him subtract an amount and then hands him the exact change, he was holding from the beginning 34
Tony Corinda (5) The Swami and the Pencil performer writes a prediction, spectator writes the same 34
Tony Corinda Part Two: Lip Reading 35
Tony Corinda (1) Any Card Called For 35
Tony Corinda (2) Reconstructed Evidence a thought of shape is drawn by a selected color, both are divined, blindfolded 36
Tony Corinda (3) The Whispering Buddha revealing facts of a person, that were whispered to a Buddha statue 37
Tony Corinda Part Three: Sound Reading 38
Tony Corinda (1) Written Information Discovered by Sound Reading - The Designs to Use
- The Numbers to Use
Tony Corinda (2) Sound Reading Applied to Action - Not Writing coin dropped in which box, coin lands head or tails up 39
Archie Byford Living and Dead Test 40
Tony Corinda, Jon Tremaine, Alex Elmsley (1) Tapping Card Location spectator thinks of one of seven cards and taps the cards with a pencil, performer stops him when he taps the thought of card 41
Tony Corinda (2) Paranormal Precognition one of five symbols is drawn on a blackboard and divined by the spectator 41
Tony Corinda (3) A Pocket Trick pencil is removed from a box, color is divined, fake pencil 42
Tony Corinda (4) Clean Cut Card Trick Card is written on board and then divined 42
Tony Corinda Part Four: Touch Reading 42
Tony Corinda (1) Sujan Location colored card is divined 43
Tony Corinda (2) With a Pinch of Salt! 43
Tony Corinda Impromptu "Just Chance" 43
Tony Corinda (3) Marked Playing Cards 45
Tony Corinda (4) Psychic Sorting Ghost Deck, performer divides deck in to red and black by touch, then sorts the red into hearts and diamonds and odd and evenRelated to 45
Tony Corinda (5) Colour Conscious with the Ghost Deck, selected card is found at position performer names 47
Tony Corinda (6) Another Version of the Princess Card Trick Ghost Deck, with handkerchief 48
Tony Corinda (7) Another Application of the Touch Reading Envelope several ideas of identifying envelopes by touch, envelope index tip 49
Tony Corinda Part Five: Muscle Reading - Advanced Forms of Contact Mind Reading
- The Copper Wire Contact
- Action with the Chosen Object Following Location
- When to Use Contact Mind Reading
- The Blindfold
- Hellstromism
- The Blackboard Test
- Conclusion