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146 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Verbatim companion publication to Rigmarole
1 2
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Pallbearers Revue by Jerry Sadowitz
comments on BBC show, reproductions of numerous print reviews from newspapers
1 2
Unknown Notes & Quotes
1 7
Karl Fulves Dream Machines on using a personal computer, macintosh
2 9
Karl Fulves Notes on Contemplation see following tricks
Inspired by
  • "Contemplation" (Interim Report)
Related to
2 12
Karl Fulves Me Thinks one of thirteen cards thought of, dealing procedure according to thought-of card (color, value, suit), selection narrowed down by having one key card
Inspired by 2 12
Karl Fulves You-Me Poker two poker hands, one card moved to spectator's hand, spectator thinks of one of his cards, dealing procedure according to thought-of card (color, value, suit), selection narrowed down by having one key card
Inspired by 2 13
Karl Fulves Group of Seven "Contemplation" plot streamlined with seven cards
2 14
Karl Fulves Cult Poker two poker hands, one card moved to spectator's hand, spectator choses a hole card, it is the same card, posed as problem
Related to 2 15
Karl Fulves Zig Zag Bill on the flap card case and the history of the Zig Zag illusion
Related to 3 17
Karl Fulves Birthday Value, Birthday Suit two decks, reversed card in one deck, birthday count procedure with other deck to arrive at a "birthday card", it matches prediction
Related to 3 18
Karl Fulves Joseph Schmidt's Cops metamorphosis presentation for "Cops", one card sandwiched and one in jacket pocket
Inspired by 3 19
Karl Fulves Twas Brillig on a Joe Stevens dealer's item "Time Freeze" that makes the sand flow in an hourglass stop
Related to 3 20
Karl Fulves Flickers credit comment on Card-Toon
Related to 3 20
Karl Fulves Wraparound credit comment on the tapestry procedure, Tom Daugherty's "Folderol"
Related to 3 20
Karl Fulves Notes & Quotes
3 21
Karl Fulves Verbatim on magazines and the publisher's taste,
4 23
Karl Fulves Q & A joke questions
4 24
Karl Fulves World's Longest Palindromes?
4 24
Karl Fulves Silhouettes by Vernon - 1930 with reproduction of four silhouettes
4 24
Karl Fulves Mugged recounting a meeting with Harvey Rosenthal and the waiter knew Ken Allen
Related to 4 25
Martin Gardner Fortune information on the petal principle force
Related to 4 25
Karl Fulves Interval of Darkness "By Any Stretch - Part Two of a continuing series"
rubber band on performer's finger, spectator holds finger and closes eyes, rubber band is released, repeat phase
Related toAlso published here 4 29
Karl Fulves Card to Wallet & Himber Ring credit information on Himber Ring and linking finger ring effect
4 32
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Card to Wallet by Jerry Mentzer 4 32
Philip T. Goldstein Birthday Value Birthday Suit variation of procedure
Inspired by 4 32
Philip T. Goldstein The Diary Trick credit information and references
4 32
Unknown Help "grammar hotline" joke
4 34
Karl Fulves The New Graphology computers that are able to recognize handwriting with stylus on tablet
5 36
Karl Fulves Line of Credit credit information on this routine
Related to 5 37
Karl Fulves Miko credit information on the 3,5 of Clubs trick
Related to 5 38
Karl Fulves Tilt/Depth Illusion credit fight
Inspired by
  • comments by Jon Racherbaumer in "Flashpoints"
Related to
5 38
Joseph K. Schmidt Simulated Vision further details on the trick
Related to 5 39
Karl Fulves Capped cap in bottle, fresh bottle hit and cap inside, posed as problem
Related to 5 40
Karl Fulves Packed taking long cards from a normal case, posed as problem
Inspired by 5 40
Karl Fulves World's Longest Palindromes?
5 41
Karl Fulves Anagrams
5 41
Frank Thompson Box Bounce bouncing coins back
Related to 5 42
Karl Fulves Shocked
  • finger ring moves on table to ESP symbol (no method)
  • car magazine rolled up and car sounds come out of it (no method)
  • joy buzzer as sound generator, lie detector with five cards on plastic tray
Related to 5 42
Karl Fulves Guess Again explanation of the principle at work, with variation in which five cards are put into five packets, packets dealt in pairs and color matches are found
Related to 5 43
Karl Fulves Zenmemory memorizing twelve picture cards, posed as problem
Related to 5 44
Karl Fulves Spinout on Mora's original wand spin, sequence with coin outlined
5 44
Unknown (reviewer) The Healing Revelations of Mary Baker Eddy by Martin Gardner
reproduced review
5 45
Karl Fulves One Word anagram challenge, "new door" and "new doors"
5 45
Karl Fulves Dining Out on dining in New Jersey, Suburban Diner, Bendix Diner
5 45
Karl Fulves Glass House card chosen and signed, odd-backed prediction in glass matches, then it also has signature
5 46
Karl Fulves Unload under Deck face card of double unloaded under deck in Bottom Change type action
Inspired by 5 47
Karl Fulves Pitch Out pitch of music used to code information
5 49
Karl Fulves The Boys From The Girls on differences between men and women, proposing blind test to figure out gender
6 51
Karl Fulves Night School court cards removed and some cased, one of the remaining ones signed, counting ritual according to number cards that are cut to, selection found
Inspired by 6 52
Karl Fulves Where She Stops "a money maker trick"
cut-out newspaper column strip is in money maker prop and cut where the spectator wants
6 54
Karl Fulves World's Longest Palindrome?
6 57
William P. Miesel Spell Green spelling red, black, suits with packet, ending with "green" written on a card as well as a rainbow car
Inspired by 6 58
Howard W. Rheam Carlisle Fair Cards
Inspired by 6 60
Sam Schwartz Sam's Monte tips on the handling
Related to 6 63
Don Nielsen, Karl Fulves Impromptu Topit further comments on its use
Related to 6 63
Jay Weiler Roadside Service car tire inflates itself, at night with assistant
6 64
L. Vosburgh Lyons Dunninger's Secret proposed switch with envelope for Q&A act, accidental tripping
Related to 7 67
Karl Fulves Tic Stax Toe using cards to indicate which square has to be used next, Eight Kings or Si Stebbins stack
Related to 7 68
Karl Fulves Close Encounter examination of H. S. Paine's 14-15 stack
  • 4-Way Force
  • Toggle Force
  • Flip Force
Related to 7 71
Howard Wurst Howard Wurst on Scarne's Shuffle Systems
Inspired by 7 74
John Scarne 3-4-3 Shuffles Aces do not start together, from 1974
7 75
Karl Fulves R.I.P. gag paper fold, design becomes a waste bin in the end and is about funeral
7 77
Rick Johnsson A Sailor's Story
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, June 1987)
8 81
Karl Fulves Deadly Dagger comedy card stab, comb dagger, two handlings
8 84
Joseph K. Schmidt Super Fast Shuffle with packet in middle, only injogs
Related to 8 86
Unknown Sez The Gambler quotes from David Sklansky and anonymous
8 88
Philip T. Goldstein Quoth The Maven comments on various things, see references, with Frank Thomposon anecdote and his "Master Deck" demonstration
Related to 8 89
Karl Fulves Early Indications sixteen cards used, cut and several milk build shuffles done, two cards at two positions are predicted
8 91
Karl Fulves Stripped Down two poker hand shown, both are five Tens, then one changes into Royal Flush
Related to 8 93
Karl Fulves Five as Five
8 94
Karl Fulves World's Longest Palindrome?
8 95
Karl Fulves First Future handling variation with Devano Deck
Related to 8 96
Karl Fulves Intruder Braue Reverse type intro to the trick
Related to 8 96
Karl Fulves Zen Memory on memorizing twelve court cards
Related to 8 96
Karl Fulves Mechanic's Grip "being an inquiry into the origin and derivation of the mechanic's grip"
Related to 9 98
Karl Fulves Joseph Dunninger
Related to 9 99
Karl Fulves Impromptu Topit credit information
9 101
Karl Fulves Think Ace handling detail
Related to 9 101
Karl Fulves Crime Pays Naught credit information
Related to 9 101
Karl Fulves Crazy Quilt credit information
Related to 9 102
Karl Fulves, Norm Cummins Three Bottles bottle whistles by itself
Related to 9 102
Karl Fulves Freeze Frame credit information
Related to 9 102
Karl Fulves Freeze Out two decks, performer signs one in his deck and spectator in his, decks exchanged but each still has the original deck color (decks switch places)
Related to 9 103
Karl Fulves Tear It "A force method by Karl Fulves"
tearing paper with different colors
Related to 9 105
Jean Hugard All Backs reprint of Hugard's 1930 marketed method, with added illustrations
9 107
Karl Fulves Nothing Changes article about three-card monte hustling
Related to 9 113
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magic Eye 3D pictures 9 113
Karl Fulves Spook Slate small slates, bills cling to them and move, then bill prediction appears on one slate, off-beat use of flap
Related to 9 114
Karl Fulves To Flourish on displaying skill
10 118
Mel Bennett Three Card Tricks six-card pyramid layout, folding, number nine can be forced
  • Cheaper By The Dozen (forcing twelve)
  • At The Strike of 10 (ten-card pyramid, forced 25)
Inspired byAlso published here 10 119
Mel Bennett, Karl Fulves Petals & Roots more on the dice puzzle
Related to 10 122
Karl Fulves, Jesse Demaline Numeration Ace through Six given to spectator, one chosen, performer has packet behind back and gives back five, chosen one is missing, posed as a problem
10 124
J. W. Sarles Coaster Coast routine with Coin Coaster prop and two blank cards
10 125
Unknown Paddle Move with Card
10 125
John Scarne Invisible Seconds top half shuffled, four obvious seconds dealt, those four cards are Aces, featuring a Bottom Deal handling from straddle grip
Related to 10 127
Karl Fulves The "Holy" Pack credit information about holes in cards
Related to 10 129
Karl Fulves Memphis Mix handling detail
Related to 10 129
Mitsunobu Matsuyama Magic Teaching card selected, down under deal with a packet, last card used to count to selection, every other card Ace through King
10 130
Mel Bennett S.P.A.T. letters associated with numbers, credit information
Inspired by
  • Lee Sallows idea in Word Ways, Feb. 1990
10 133
Karl Fulves Jumble number up to twelve chosen, letters that spell the number taken from letter deck, second number as well, performer looks at all letters shuffled together and announced both numbers, with two more uses of Sallows Square
  • Crosswords
  • Si Minus (card counting analog)
10 137
Karl Fulves Sympathy for the Devil twelve cards removed from shuffled deck, a packet of cards is removed from envelope and both dealt simultaneously, one card is reversed in prediction packet and it matches the card in the other packet and also a prediction
Related to 10 141
Hideo Kato Open Add-On from top during strip-out, faces towards the spectators
10 141
Karl Fulves Cedric's Applause using a pocket index
Related to 10 143
John Scarne Card To Wallet bottom placement loading for wallet
Related to 10 143
Karl Fulves Spook Slate two small slates are initialed, headline prediction by performer and page number by spectator, sealed in envelopes, one kept by spectator, several days later: headline on chosen page is predicted on slate
Related to 10 144
John Scarne Scarne Card Problems
  • 21 Card Trick with two selections
  • Diagonal Palm Shift with two of three cards
10 145
John Scarne Ovette Master Move Cop directly into cop position
10 145
John Scarne Thought Cards to Pocket one spectator thinks a red card from a five-card packet, another a black card from another packet, shuffled back in deck, both cards named, then produced from pocket
10 145
Karl Fulves World's Longest Palindrome?
10 146
Philip T. Goldstein Perfect Palindrome "S. W. Erdnase? He's Andrews!"
10 146
Ali Bongo Anagrams
10 146