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The Bowls of Water and Bowls of Fire produced from a Shawl
1876 371
Das Goldfischglas bowl with water and gold fish is produced from borrowed handkerchief, load from table, see also p. 39 for patter
Oct. 1896
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen No. 15, bowl of water appears underneath handkerchief and vanishes again
1899 53
Carl Willmann Die Feuerschale fire bowl production
Jan. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inexhaustible Handkerchief production trick, fish bowls and other items
Also published here 1911 648
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inexhaustible Handkerchief production trick, fish bowls and other items
Also published here 1911 103
Joe Berg The Production of a Bowl of Flowers under cloth on table
1930 59
Frank Lane, U. F. Grant Our Pocket Fire Bowl fire bowl production from under handkerchief
1935 24
Joseph Ovette Midget Stack of Bowls on Palm of Hand production of small fish bowls, with handkerchief
1940 12
Magini Fishbowl Production with assistant
1941 44
Hervel Apparition d'un bocal à poissons production of a fish bowl
June 1941 5
Al Baker The Naomi Goldfish Bowl Production
Also published here 1941 122
Horace Goldin Gaglet Department
  • on routining a fishbowl production/vanish (Goldin)
  • person vanish in cabinet bit
Aug. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 16)
Joseph Ovette Stack of Fish Bowls production, three bowls on small table under cover of handkerchief
1944 14
Milbourne Christopher Fire and Water foulard burned and restored, bowl of water produced
Jan. 1946 184
Production of a large Bowl of Water body load, chinese costume
1948/27 375
Production of Stack of Four Bowls of Water stage
1948/27 380
Chinese Production of the Four Bowls body loading, stage
1948/27 385
Modern Production of a Bowl of Water on a Table gaffed table
1948/27 387
Bob Fisher Revolutionary Flower Bowl Production from a foulard, with a table
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1953)
Max Malini Production of a Bowl of Water brief, body load, chinese costume
Related to 1962 40
Ellison Poland Not-So-Simplex Bowl Production filled with water and fish
1969 223
Jack Bateman Fire Bowl From Paper Bag with rubber chicken production
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Lee Wayne Westgate Bowl Ideas as Le Wayne, fishbowl production ideas
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Water Bowl Production huge bowl under large foulard
1973 37
Theo "Okito" Bamberg, Carl Rosini, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg The Triple Production three metal bowls containing five ducks appear under handkerchiefs
1973 160
Robert Parrish Stole Steal two bowls of water produced from stole of assistant
Summer 1974
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9th Folio)
Faucett Ross The Famous Two-Bowl Production
1975 72
Faucett Ross Fish Bowl From Hat Produce small fishbowl of goldfish from his hat, suitable for close up
1975 77
Le Temple Le Temple's Jumbo Bowl Production Produce large bowl of water
1975 78
Bob Fitch Productions - Steals - Loads stealing from the topit, with applications
  • XII-A. Direct Steal
    • 1) Egg on fan
    • 2) Invisible deck
    • 3) Cups & Balls
    • 4) Dye Tube
    • 5) Produce scissors
    • 6) Balloon to Dove
    • 7) Flames from Hands
    • 8) Fishbowl production
    • 9) Fountain of Silks
  • XII-B. Indirect Steal
    • 1) Rabbit and Tray
    • 2) Molding a Rabbit
1980 5
Confetti and Dove Bowls from two bowls confetti and doves are produced
1982 84
Classic Water Bowl Production
1993 78
David Charvet The Gwynne Stack of Fishbowls Production on Jack Gwynne's routine
Apr. 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 8)
Ladson Butler Eine Zeitungsproduktion bowl production from torn newspaper pieces
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 1)
Barrie Richardson Ovation Position glass produced from sleeve as jacket is taken off, with fishbowl variant
Also published here
  • Club 71, Christmas 1992
1999 5
Al Baker The Naomi Goldfish Bowl Production
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means)
John Gaughan Willmann's Giant Fire Bowl
  • The Chamber of Secrets
collapsible metal bowl on a table
Sep. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 9)
Alexander de Cova Lump of Goldfish goldfish bowl appears under fez, seated
Inspired by 2016 212
Max Malini Chinese Water Bowl Production body load, Chinese costume
Related to 2022 395