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Die Wandermünze marked coin vanishes, appears inside a lemon which is inside an orange inside a cabbage, then audibly travels inside silk-covered glass
Related to Oct. 1897
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Charles Arbre Die bezauberten Südfrüchte borrowed glove in nut in egg in lemon in orange
Related to June 1900
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 6)
A Glove Conjured into a Nut, the Nut into an Egg, the Egg into a Lemon, and the Lemon into an Orange ring and glove into nest of items from title
Related to 1903 378
Jean Hugard b. Insertion of one fruit into another
1937 5
Bill, Lemon, Egg and Walnut
1937 39
Bill and Grapefruit for stage, grapefruit with nested orange, lemon, egg, walnut and bill inside
1937 40
Orson Welles Fruit Cup coin in egg in lemon in orange in grapefruit using a clothespin
Inspired byAlso published here May 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 61)
U. F. Grant The Bill, Egg and Walnut bill travels into nest of egg and walnut, duplicate bill made by cutting two bills in half and joining them together with one half switched
Mar. 1949 6
Alan Shaxon The Banknote in Walnut bill in walnut in egg in lemon, serial number divination to start
Inspired by 1970 37
Bob Fitch The ring, egg, orange & grapefruit trick "Extras - Variations - 1)"
short note
1980 7
Orson Welles Fruit Cup coin in egg in lemon in orange in grapefruit using a clothespin
Also published here Feb. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 2)
Joseph Ovette Ring in Egg - Third Method: Ovette's Amplification ring, silk and egg vanish, all found nested in lemon
Also published here
  • "A Lemon - A Silk - An Egg" (Eggstraordinary Ways of Eggshibiting with Eggs, p. 26)
2002 270
The Orange, the Lemon, the Egg, and the Canary
2002 270
Tom Stone Flying Fruit apple and inside of orange transpose
2009 6
Nathan Kranzo Apple and Orange Transpo Apple and orange change places in paperbags. Ending has orange peeled to reveal apple inside
Related to 2021 9