Written by Patrick G. Redford
Work of Patrick G. Redford
255 pages (Hardcover), published by Mind Tapped Productions, LLC
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Max Maven Foreword
Patrick G. Redford Introduction
Patrick G. Redford Redford Stack In Review Quick overview of the Redford stack - how to get into stack, how to get into Si-Stebbins, and so on
Patrick G. Redford Ace Spell Magician spells to four Aces in succession
Patrick G. Redford 4agon Conclusion Magician finds wrong four of a kind, then changes them into the correct four of a kind containing the selection
Horace Goldin Goldin Force
Related to 26
Larry Jennings Larreverse
Henry Christ, Jim Turnpaugh, Patrick G. Redford The Fabulous Aces Henry Christ Aces with Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Ultra-Mental Memorized Deck Invisible Deck / Ultra Mental Deck with memorized deck, can be any stack but Redford stack has advantages
Inspired byVariations 40
Patrick G. Redford Turnabout Is Fair Triumph Cards are shuffled face up and down. Spectator names a card, deck rights itself except named card
Inspired by 46
Jerry Andrus The Andrus Drunken False Shuffle Slop Shuffle
Patrick G. Redford, Dan Fishman The Redfish Shuffle Convincer
Patrick G. Redford Perspicacity Spectator can determine which card has been added into another deck after a quick flick
Tomas Blomberg The TB Spread Double
Also published here 52
Patrick G. Redford Hot Travelers Named and selected cards travel from a red deck to a blue deck, multiple phases
Inspired by 56
Patrick G. Redford Duncical ACAAN Spectator able to cut a card to any position of their choosing
Patrick G. Redford Your Luck Is In The Cards Kruskal principle, spectator finds the mate to a selection
Patrick G. Redford The Perpetual Birthday Card Birthday Book with Google Calendar, card at birthday matches the card placed in card box
Griffin Watt The Watt's Box Load loading card onto box
Inspired by 80
Patrick G. Redford Velleity Plus Named card ends up on top of the deck under spectator's hand, selection is bent. The card then returns back to the middle of the deck in a position of spectator's choosing
Related to 88
Patrick G. Redford Never Going To Give You Up Lie detection, followed by identifying the cards held by spectator, then identifying thought of card
Related to
  • "Sy-Fry" (Woody Aragon, Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks)
Patrick G. Redford The Hunt Story trick involving hunter, trapper and an inn
, Ron Aldrich Mexican Turnover (Ron Aldrich's Handling)
Drop Box Load Secretly adding cards on top of packet under guise of taking cards out of box
Patrick G. Redford Echo Chamber Magician divines two selected and thought of cards
Inspired byRelated toVariations 108
Patrick G. Redford Three Echos Echo Chamber with three selections
Inspired byRelated toVariations 114
Patrick G. Redford Echolocation Magician correctly divines position of two selected cards, third card vanishes, spectator is sitting on the third card
Inspired byRelated to 116
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Echo Index Card Index to produce cards for Echo tricks
Related to 122
Patrick G. Redford The Invisible Echo Index Advanced Echo Index
Related to 124
Patrick G. Redford H.A.A.R.P.S. Pseudo memory demo, magician can name position of selected card, along with the order of about half the deck
Inspired by 128
Patrick G. Redford Storm Chaser Subtle Symmetry Control
Also published here 128
Patrick G. Redford Memory Phantom Card that spectator sees in the deck vanishes, found in card box
Patrick G. Redford Level .05 Deck vanishes, one half at a time, leaving only a named card
Lin Searles Inflating the Deck "fluffing" one third of the deck to make it look bigger, credited to Lin Searles
Also published here
  • Lin Searles, The Card Expert (1938)
Christian Grace, Ollie Mealing, Patrick G. Redford Level Four Spectator names any four of a kind. First card travels to pocket, then half the deck travels to pocket to find second card, then the rest of the cards travel leaving the third card in hand, then last card is on top of the deck in the pocket.
Variations 148
Madison Hagler Cards To Pocket Version using three selections and Level One gimmick by Christian Grace
Inspired by 150
Patrick G. Redford Redford Quartets Quartets for Redford Stack
Related to 151
Patrick G. Redford Transformer Deck Switch (Cards to Box) Card case appears around the deck, uses Level One Gimmick by Christian Grace
Related to 154
Patrick G. Redford Meltdown: Cards Into Box Deck melts into box half by half, leaving selection outside box, uses Level One gimmick by Christian Grace
Inspired byRelated to 160
Patrick G. Redford Faro Techniques 52-Card Straddle Faro Technique
Slip Cut Combo
Redfish Shuffle
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Poker Triumph Triumph, produces Royal Flush at the end, multiple phases, maintains order of deck (works best with Redford and Aronson)
Inspired by 166
Mark Aspiazu Action Half Pass
Patrick G. Redford ... This Means War! Cut high card, spectator keeps winning. Play game of war with spectator, magician always wins.
Jed Brooks, Patrick G. Redford Queen Me Card thought of from group of five. Queens face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Queens
Inspired by 188
Patrick G. Redford Half Stacked Faro Half stack with faro shuffle, has some advantages and observations
Patrick G. Redford, Nick Trost Semi-Automatic Lie Detector Reworking of Nick Trost's classic Lie Detector
Inspired by 194
Patrick G. Redford The Solitaire Si-re Play Solitaire, whoever holds the lucky coin always wins, deck can be shuffled (disproves Annemann's claim that Si Stebbins can never win Solitaire)
Related to 208
Lennart Green Rosetta Shuffle
Patrick G. Redford Stab Your Mate Joker is stabbed next to selection, next to mate of selection, and spectator is also able to do it
Inspired by 212
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Decurtait Control Card glimpse, control and false shuffle all together, does not destroy stack
Patrick G. Redford Goodnight Elizabeth Elizabeth IV, but spectator is able to correctly guess both cards in a clear folder
Inspired by 224
Tim Heinlein Heinlein Hold'Em Deal Any hand called for in Texas Hold'Em with Redford Stack
Alex Elmsley, Michael Powers The Elmsley Spread Count (3-2-2-3 Technique) 3-2-2-3 (Mike Powers' Variation)
credit to Elmsley's "Brownwaves III", but it's not really in there
Tomas Blomberg TB Spread Double Double lift from spread
Patrick G. Redford F.A.L.S.E. Shuffle Tabled false shuffle, can spread on table push interwoven halves together
Patrick G. Redford Afterword
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