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Patrick G. Redford Introduction: Redford Stack
  • What Does It Look Like?
  • A List of Properties of the Redford Stack
2017 14
Patrick G. Redford Card Location card is either one of two
2017 15
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Stack
  • Setting the Stack: An Outline
  • The Redford Stack Order
2017 24
Patrick G. Redford Getting Into Redford Stack from Si Stebbins
2017 28
Patrick G. Redford From New Deck Order NDO to Si Stebbins to Redford Stack
2017 32
Patrick G. Redford Stack Transformers methods to transform Redford Stack to other arrangements
  • Redford Stack to Stebbins
  • Red-Black Alternating Stack
  • Red-Black Shocked Order
  • Stack to Stebbins Stay Stack
  • Stack to Redford Stay Stack
  • Stack to Suited Order
2017 45
Patrick G. Redford Tools for the Arranged Stack brief notes
  • Secretly Counting to Cards Positions
  • False Shuffling & False Cutting
  • "Messy" Faro Shuffle Technique
  • Removing/Replacing Cards
  • Keeping the Stack Out of Phase
2017 60
Patrick G. Redford Spelling Cards built-in spelling cards in the Redford Stack
2017 90
Patrick G. Redford 9 Interesting Locations comments of position of some cards in Redford Stack
2017 91
Patrick G. Redford "Any" Poker Hand Called For To Dealer using the Redford Stack, various hands
  • Restack Technique
  • Five Hands Dealt: Called Hand goes to Dealer
    • One Pair
    • Two Pair
    • 3 of a Kind
    • + Full House
    • + Flush
    • + Royal Flush in Hearts
  • Four Hands Dealt With Winning Hand to Dealer
    • *Straight
    • *Flush
    • Four of a Kind
    • Straight Flush
    • Royal Flush in Spades
  • Dealing Hands to Different Seat Positions
  • Thoughts and tips to Remember The Deals
  • Final Thoughts
2017 96
Patrick G. Redford Progressive Poker all players have good hands, using Redford Stack
2017 102
Patrick G. Redford Blackjack: The House Always Wins with five players, using the Redford Stack
2017 104
Patrick G. Redford Partner Poker partner gets winning hand, two phases, back to Redford stack
  • Completely Restoring the Stack
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • A Faro Shuffle Variation
  • Variations that Destroy Half of the Stack
  • With a Full House Instead
2017 108
Patrick G. Redford King Me Kings face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Kings, third shuffle and two more selections are between Kings and first selection, faro sandwich
  • With Three Selections
  • An Easier Force Position for Three
Inspired byVariations 2017 120
Patrick G. Redford The KM Poker Deal follow up for King Me, straight flush deal, two hands, using the Redford Stack
2017 124
Patrick G. Redford Tut Tut Tut Aces turned over in the deck, after a shuffle Aces are found in pairs, next shuffle all Aces are together and after last shuffle selections are trapped in between, faro method
Inspired by 2017 126
Patrick G. Redford The Aces Have It! two selections end up between face-up Aces, repeated
2017 128
Patrick G. Redford Observations of Faro Patterns Faro shuffles and the Redford stack
2017 130
Patrick G. Redford O.F.M. deck cut in 10 piles and spectator remembers a card from any pile, performer memorizes the deck and names position of selection, repeated but this time performer names position before spectator names the card
Inspired by
  • Moe's move-a-card plot in "Moe and His Miracles with Cards"
2017 166
Patrick G. Redford Twegen two spectators get half the deck and exchange one card, both cards are into the halves, one card is divined, and then performer names other card and cards next to it as well, deck ends up in suited order
Related to 2017 172
Patrick G. Redford Temporarily Out of Order multiphase matching routine, mates of entire deck match at the end, then deck is dealt into four hands and separated by suits in order
  • Phase One: Coincidence
  • Phase Two: Mind Reading
  • Phase Three: Mix and Match
  • Phase Four: Amnesia to a Total Coincidence
  • Phase Five: An Encore - Participant Deals into New Deck Order
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • First Phase with Si Stebbins Instead of a Memorized Deck
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 2017 178
Patrick G. Redford The Fate of Jack and Sally with the Redford stack
2017 198
Patrick G. Redford Club "754" with the Redford stack
2017 202
Patrick G. Redford Lady of the Night with the Redford stack
2017 206
Patrick G. Redford The Loaded Deck "Marked, Stacked and Trilby!" Trilby deck combined with Redford stack
  • Red & Black Instant Separation & Re-Mix
  • Riffle Shuffles
  • What's Missing?
  • Quick Double Count
Inspired by 2017 213
Patrick G. Redford Stacking Into Effects by Others methods to bring Redford stack to position to perform following routines
  • 26! - Caleb Wiles
  • Candy - Chris Mayhew
  • A Pale Blue - Ben Blau
  • Chaos - Mandelbrot's Revenge - Pit Hartling
  • Ultimate Hold'Em - Jack Carpenter
2017 249
Patrick G. Redford Redford Stack In Review Quick overview of the Redford stack - how to get into stack, how to get into Si-Stebbins, and so on
2019 20
Patrick G. Redford Ace Spell Magician spells to four Aces in succession
2019 24
Patrick G. Redford 4agon Conclusion Magician finds wrong four of a kind, then changes them into the correct four of a kind containing the selection
2019 26
Henry Christ, Jim Turnpaugh, Patrick G. Redford The Fabulous Aces Henry Christ Aces with Redford Stack
2019 30
Patrick G. Redford Ultra-Mental Memorized Deck Invisible Deck / Ultra Mental Deck with memorized deck, can be any stack but Redford stack has advantages
Inspired byVariations 2019 40
Patrick G. Redford Your Luck Is In The Cards Kruskal principle, spectator finds the mate to a selection
2019 70
Patrick G. Redford Redford Quartets Quartets for Redford Stack
Related to 2019 151
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Poker Triumph Triumph, produces Royal Flush at the end, multiple phases, maintains order of deck (works best with Redford and Aronson)
Inspired by 2019 166
Patrick G. Redford ... This Means War! Cut high card, spectator keeps winning. Play game of war with spectator, magician always wins.
2019 180
Jed Brooks, Patrick G. Redford Queen Me Card thought of from group of five. Queens face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Queens
Inspired by 2019 188
Patrick G. Redford Half Stacked Faro Half stack with faro shuffle, has some advantages and observations
2019 190
Tim Heinlein Heinlein Hold'Em Deal Any hand called for in Texas Hold'Em with Redford Stack
2019 234
Jennifer Gwinn Introduction to Tetra-Red tetradistic memorized stack with irregular colors, way from Si Stebbins to Tetra-Red, related to Redford Stack
2024 49