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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Oswald Rae, Oswald Williams A Transparent Affair card appears between two sheets of plastic, held together by two rubber bands and standing on easel, two methods, similar to Jack Hughes' Television Card Frame
1926 19
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Walter Gibson's "Bunco Book", L. Vosburgh Lyons, Oscar Weigle, Jack Hughes, Dai Vernon, Bob Reinhart
Oct. 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 114)
Lewis Ganson, Jack Hughes Accessories additional ideas to incorporate into sponge ball routines
  • Rubber Production Fruit
  • Sponge Ball to Bunny
  • Geometric Designs
  • Handkerchief Colour Changing Tube
  • Handkerchief Pull
  • Sponge Ball to Silk
1954 119
Stewart James Hotelepathy names written on cards are selected and appear on suitcase, two times and ends with a gag, uses Jack Hughes' Attaboy
1957 26
Roy Johnson The Spotted Can presentation for Jack Hughes' "The Polka Dot Barrel" / "Can Can Polka", poem, first in The Talisman No. 52
1971 49
Jack Hughes Block Penetration a large die with a hole is threaded with ropes on a stand, penetration
1976 74
Jack Hughes Rod and Block Release block with a hole penetrates a rod
1976 82
Jack Hughes Visible Penetrating Block (Vampire Block) block in a tube penetrates a rod
1976 84
Jack Hughes Attaboy to force cards
1978/76 46
John F. Mendoza The Last Card wheel with four sections, cards distributed onto the sections and eliminated in stages, last card is selection
Inspired by
  • "The Last Card" (Jack Hughes)
1980 84
Derek Lever Jack Hughes... This Is Your Life
1981 8
Jack Hughes Rope Wells different colored silks are produced from different colored rolled-up ropes, on tray
1981 10
Jack Hughes Dove in Balloon (Long Balloon Model) production of a dove, using a tray
1981 11
Jack Hughes Dove in Balloon (Round Balloon Model) production of a dove, using a tray
1981 12
Jack Hughes The French Guillotine illusion, head guillotine
1981 13
Jack Hughes Sucker Beaker Vanish glass on tray vanishes, with sucker element, glass stuck in trapdoor, ghost tube
1981 16
Jack Hughes Back Stage Beaker Vanish sucker vanish of a glass on tray, with drape around tray, ghost tube
1981 18
Jack Hughes Tantalising Tassels tassels hand on rod in cabinet, tassels are removed, vanish and appear back on rod
1981 19
Jack Hughes Totem Pole assistant tied on pole
1981 21
Jack Hughes Three Sword Suspension two swords are eventually removed, suspension of person on one sword
Related to 1981 23
Jack Hughes The Scimitar Suspension different design of the Three Sword Suspension
Related to 1981 25
Jack Hughes The Gospel Suspension different design of the Three Sword Suspension
1981 28
Jack Hughes Three Axes Suspension different design of the Three Sword Suspension
1981 29
Jack Hughes The Master Dove in Balloon Table balloon in goblet on table is shot, dove appears
1981 31
Jack Hughes Dove Carousel Vanish dove carousel on table is covered with cloth and removed, then it vanishes
1981 34
Jack Hughes Cage Vanish dove cage on table is covered with cloth and removed, then it vanishes
1981 38
Jack Hughes Attaboy three cards are selected and placed in stand which is designed like a bell boy, spectators stop at their card, various designs
  • A Routine with Lettered cards
1981 41
Jack Hughes Coins in Glass (Tray Method) coins vanish and appear one by audible in glass, glass on tray covered by other glass and handkerchief
  • Coin Slide Method
  • Double Drop Method
1981 46
Jack Hughes Visible Coins in Glass glass on table covered with inverted glass, coins travel to glass, mechanical version
1981 51
Jack Hughes Ten Second Remote Control Visible Coins in Glass glass on table covered with inverted glass, coins travel to glass, mechanical version
1981 52
Jack Hughes Roll on Table table model
1981 54
Jack Hughes Can and Ball sucker routine, ball vanishes with tubes on a tray with drape
1981 55
Jack Hughes Locking Jap Boxes
1981 57
Jack Hughes Ghost Glass card appears in reversed glassed on tray, covered by handkerchief
1981 59
Jack Hughes A Star Production apparatus in form of a star, to produce huge load of silk streamers
1981 60
Jack Hughes New Giants Rising Card Trick houlette on table, covered with handkerchief, mechanical version
1981 62
Jack Hughes Vanishing Telephone telephone vanishes on a table, in a flash
1981 64
Jack Hughes Snake Basket snake in basket rises with selected colored ball on head and then with selection in mouth
1981 66
Jack Hughes The Golden Shot Joker large bulls eye changes into picture of a joker when spectator throws card on it
1981 72
Jack Hughes How to Make a Spring Hinge
1981 73
Jack Hughes Sammy the Sweep children routine, with a small house and a chimney sweep
1981 74
Jack Hughes, Will Blyth The Illusive Stop four cards arrange in see-through stand, to form the word "Done"
Inspired by
  • Will Blyth's "Effective Conjuring"
1981 77
Jack Hughes Improved Television Card Frame
  • Flash Television Frame
1981 83
Jack Hughes Double Television Frame torn pieces between two sheets of glass, card is visibly restored
1981 87
Jack Hughes Brief Case to Table table model
1981 89
Jack Hughes Penetra-Spheres tray with different balls and reversed glass in center, chosen ball ends up under glass, covered with handkerchief
1981 90
Jack Hughes The Cagey Budgies ballon inside a bird cage bursts and changes into six living birds
1981 91
Jack Hughes Dickory Clock mouse inside large clock, vanish
1981 93
Jack Hughes Girl to Pony in a large cage on wheels
1981 96
Jack Hughes Whirling Michrophone Suspension microphone suspension
1981 99
Jack Hughes Triple Tray Trunk doves appear in trays filled with silks
1981 101
Jack Hughes One Minute Punch & Judy Booth
1981 102
Jack Hughes Coin Cascade small coin cascade on table, similar to coin ladder
1981 103
Jack Hughes Card Go card vanishes in frame
  • To Cause a Card Placed in the Frame to Change to Another
  • Giant Card to Bridge Size Card Variation
1981 108
Jack Hughes Castle Illusion illusion designed like a castle, appearance of assistant
1981 110
Jack Hughes Ventriloquists Mop Novelty face on mop for ventriloquism routine
1981 113
Jack Hughes The Human Where the Rainbow Ends ribbons placed in cabinet person appears in cabinet with dress made from ribbons
1981 115
Jack Hughes Dippy Duck toy duck in aquarium finds selections and coins
1981 119
Jack Hughes Three Blades and Spear Illusion assistant in cabinet escapes, three blades with hole
1981 122
Jack Hughes Liquid Monte three numbered tubes with glasses inside, two selected and one remains is only one filled with whiskey
1981 125
Jack Hughes Dove Through Glass stand with glass
1981 127
Jack Hughes M'Lady Steps Out assistant penetrates rope, with frame
1981 129
Jack Hughes Alarm Clock Stand alarm clocks are produced and placed on stand, all ring
1981 130
Jack Hughes Phoebe the Fan Dancer fan on dancer doll changes color, à la Elusive Rabbits
1981 130
Jack Hughes Hat Box Substitution substitution trunk with hat box
1981 134
Jack Hughes Radio Vanish radio vanishes in box
1981 137
Jack Hughes Dove Catching Net and Dove Production Basket tray and catching net
1981 139
Jack Hughes Su-Table model for table, large case to table
1981 141
Jack Hughes The Homicide Illusion assistant in cabinet, cabinet is sawed in half, folded and pierced with rod
1981 144
Jack Hughes Block of Ribbon large block on ribbon
1981 147
Jack Hughes Where the Rainbow Ends different colored silks placed in a cabinet, doll appears with dress in same colors
1981 149
Jack Hughes The Rainbow Doll different colored silks placed in a cabinet, doll appears with dress in same colors
1981 154
Jack Hughes Ribbons to Botania ribbons placed in tube change to flower bouquet
1981 158
Jack Hughes Spacious Production Box box on tripod stand
1981 160
Jack Hughes The Chair Suspension assistant lies on board on two chairs, one chair is removed
1981 163
Jack Hughes New Electric Sawing in Half electric jigsaw
1981 166
Jack Hughes Head Zopper electric jigsaw through head
1981 171
Jack Hughes Dove Nest of Boxes
1981 172
Jack Hughes Die Ball box attached to wall, ball inside vanishes, changes color etc. with sucker element
1981 174
Jack Hughes Dagger Chest daggers through head
1981 176
Jack Hughes Television Head Chest dagger chest with Television design
1981 178
Jack Hughes Peacock Production fake peacock appears on table, climax for silk production
1981 180
Jack Hughes Hand in Hand Wrist Guillotine hand guillotine
1981 182
Jack Hughes Head Chopper
1981 185
Jack Hughes Cuban Release block penetrates rope, with frame
1981 187
Jack Hughes Two Rope Method of Cuban Release block penetrates rope, with frame
1981 188
Jack Hughes The Nest of Boxes
1981 189
Jack Hughes The Ugly Duckling duck in wooden 2D egg, duck changes to swan
1981 191
Jack Hughes Fifi - The Card Pecker wooden bird finds selection, similar to card duck
1981 194
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Jack Hughes World of Magic by Jack Hughes (written by Derek Lever) Oct. 1982
Epoptica (Issue 2)
Thomas Alan Waters Attaploy cards put in breast pocket, with Jack Hughes' Attaboy
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Cardiact)
Terry Seabrooke The Neck Spiker bits of business for Jack Hughes Neck Spiker, spike through spectator's neck
Inspired by
  • Jack Hughe's "The Neck Spiker" in "The Jack Hughes World of Magic - Volume 2" 1985
1986 79
Billy McComb Magical Horticulture and More
  • Woolgatherings
Jack Hughes
Apr. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 8)
Patrick Page The Big Four four indifferent cards change into four corners of a jumbo card which matches selection
Inspired by
  • Jack Hughes' "Four Wrongs Make a Right"
2011 252
Jim Steinmeyer The Ambitious Young Executive
  • Conjuring
small-packet ambitious card routine for stage, with cards in bulldog clips on a wooden rod, on which the ambitious card turns upwards ("rises")
Inspired by
  • "A Brand New Rising Cards" (Jack Hughes)
June 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 6)
Nathan Coe Marsh (reviewer) The Jack Hughes Ultimate World of Magic by Jack Hughes (written by Chris Cross) Apr. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 4)