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Carl Willmann Illusionen
Jan. 1895 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 1) 10
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Zick-Zack photograph of Chevalier Thorn with illusions "Der dupierte Spiritist" and "Avatar"
Nov. 1904 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 11) 182
Harry Lorayne Illusions General Comments
1972 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 90
Patrick Page Magic Spectaculars general comments on illusions
1976 The Big Book of Magic 255
Jack Hughes How to Make a Spring Hinge
1981 Jack Hughes World of Magic — Volume One 73
Karrell Fox The "Utili-Base" Illusion Concept using one base for multiple illusions that are put on top
  • Number 1: Temple of Benares
  • Number 2: The Doll House
  • Number 3: The Haunted House
  • Number 4: Production from four stacked boxes
  • Number 5: The "Mismade Girl"
  • Number 6: "Carnival" Sword Box
  • Number 7: "Cutting a Girl in Sixths"
  • Number 8: "Toyland"
  • Number 9: "Costume Crate"
  • Number 10: "Jill in the Box"
  • Number 11: "Send in the Clowns"
  • Number 12: "The Hindu Basket"
  • Number 13: "The Magic Top Hat"
1986 For My Next Trick... 141
Harald Kurz J - Jack, the Ripper on stage illusions
1991 Hardcore 34
Jim Steinmeyer An Introduction to Illusions Alan Wakeling and illusions
  • With the Great Dante
  • The Dantes and the Art of Illusion
  • A Magic Circus
1993 The Magic of Alan Wakeling 141
Jim Steinmeyer A Career in Illusion intro about Alan Wakeling's stage illusions
  • With Mark Wilson
  • Inspirations and Originations
1993 The Magic of Alan Wakeling 271
Jim Steinmeyer Appendix commented reproduction of some of Alan Wakeling's sketches for illusion ideas
  • Pure Energy
  • Costume Trunk
  • Stack of Boxes (Okito)
  • The Tea Canister (Okito)
  • Find the Lady
  • Giant Rising Cards version
  • Black and White (Dante)
  • Floating and sinking ball on water
  • Crushing Illusion with two tigers
1993 The Magic of Alan Wakeling 335
Gary Ouellet Illusions
1996 Magic on TV - Performance Secrets 12
Dondrake Building a BlackArt Backdrop Black art curtains
1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 12
Dondrake Using the Right Material
1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 14
Dondrake BlackArt Lighting How to do lighting on stage for black art illusions
1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 15
Dondrake The Wizard's Curtain Three different ways to set up a stage for black art illusions
1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 16
Jim Steinmeyer Ten Best Illusions of the 20th Century
Jan. 2001 Genii (Vol. 64 No. 1) 62
Paul Osborne Touch 'Em Up! tip on painting metal hinges, more tips on following pages:
  • Hey Who Turned The Lights Out?
  • The Aubrey Hinge
  • Blade Bashing!
  • Spike The Stage!
June 2001 Genii (Vol. 64 No. 6) 26
Günter Puchinger Entwicklung eines Illusionseffektes article about the development of Mini-Kub-Zag
2001 Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 3-5) 182
Dennis Phillips, Paul Osborne Million Dollar Platform
  • Osborne Illusions
multi-purpose base
Feb. 2002 Genii (Vol. 65 No. 2) 22
Paul Osborne Sword Holders
  • Osborne Illusions
Feb. 2003 Genii (Vol. 66 No. 2) 18
Eugene Burger Violence in Theatrical Magic
May 2003 Genii (Vol. 66 No. 5) 24
Karl Fulves Introduction Siegfried & Roy accident, David Blaine's glass cage stunt, Bill Bennett, World Series of Poker, stage illusions, Charles Dickens Christmas story, Rufus Steele,
2004 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 9) 334
Jim Steinmeyer The Disembodied Princess
  • The Language of Illusion
Nov. 2005 Genii (Vol. 68 No. 11) 27
Jim Steinmeyer The Garden of Sleep
  • The Language of Illusion
Jan. 2006 Genii (Vol. 69 No. 1) 26
Jim Steinmeyer The Gorilla Crushing
  • The Language of Illusion
Alan Wakeling illusion
Mar. 2006 Genii (Vol. 69 No. 3) 38
Jim Steinmeyer The Ethereal Suspension
  • The Language of Illusion
May 2006 Genii (Vol. 69 No. 5) 40
Jim Steinmeyer Dissecting Palingenesia about Thoma William Tobin's illusion
Sep. 2006 Genii (Vol. 69 No. 9) 60
Jim Steinmeyer Will, the Witch and the Watchman
  • The Language of Illusion
Jan. 2007 Genii (Vol. 70 No. 1) 46
Jim Steinmeyer Million Dollar Mystery
  • The Language of Illusion
Nov. 2007 Genii (Vol. 70 No. 11) 36
Jim Steinmeyer Robert Harbin & The Polemics of Modern Illusion
2009 A Tribute to Robert Harbin 2
Jim Steinmeyer The Author's Foreword
2009 Technique & Understanding 23
Jim Steinmeyer Reminding & Deceiving "On Creating Theatrical Magic"
From the lecture at FISM, Dresden, Germany, July 1997
  • 1. Start with a Simple, Direct Plot
  • 2. Adopt a Point of View to Tell the Story, an "Angle" to the Plot that Gives it a Unique Approach
  • 3. Test Various Methods as Applied to the Plot
  • 4. Explore how the Plot can best Accommodate the Method
  • 5. Identify the Flaws in the Method and Evaluate their Impact
  • 6. Anticipate all Three Scripts, and Understand what the Audience will be Thinking at any Moment
  • 7. Adjust the Presentation to Clarify the Plot, Accentuate the Strengths of the Method, and Minimize the Weaknesses
Related to
  • 1997 lecture notes "Reminding & Deceiving"
2009 Technique & Understanding 35
Jim Steinmeyer Five Terrible Ideas "...and how they revolutionized stage magic"
The Robert Harbin Memorial Lecture at the Magic Circle Centenary Celebration, July 2005
2009 Technique & Understanding 45
Jim Steinmeyer Why Amac Drank "...and other puzzles from the history of magic"
From the lecture delivered as guest of honor at the Magic Collectors Weekend, Chicago, May, 2007
2009 Technique & Understanding 57
Jim Steinmeyer Robert Harbin & The Polemics of Modern Illusion From the lecture at The Magic Circle Harbin Centenary Weekend, February 2009
  • A Simple, Clear, Memorable Plot
  • An Interest on Mythic a Level
  • Add a Twist
  • A Play, Not a Prop
  • Practical Apparatus
  • Interesting Apparatus
  • Practical Routine
  • A Way In for the Magician
  • At Least Three Beats to the Climax
  • A Stage Surprise, An Additional Punctuation
2009 Technique & Understanding 69
Jim Steinmeyer Nowhere "The Bridge System"
effects using a bridge whose pillars are concealed by two assistants
2009 Technique & Understanding 177
Jim Steinmeyer The Nature of Empty "The Box as a Challenge"
  • Points of View
  • Points of Perspective
  • Dimensions
  • Hiding, or Accentuating, the Interior
  • Movement as Emptiness
  • Floor, Ceiling, Walls
  • Clarity Inside the Cabinet
  • Emptier if Something's Inside
  • In Motion
  • Proportions
  • Focus on Walls, Minimze Floor and Ceiling
  • A Foreshortened Pattern
2009 Technique & Understanding 241
Jim Steinmeyer Understanding Two Principles "The Wedge and its Progeny"
on wedge bases
  • Proportion, not Inflation
  • Form Follows Function
  • Always Wide, but Cleverly Small
  • When in Doubt, Furniture
  • Minimize with Multiple Elements
  • Form Follows Illusion
  • Maximize the Elements, Minimize the Cheats
  • Visual, not Simply Dimensional
  • Use Space Efficiently
  • Custom Designed for the Setting
  • New Techniques for Illusionists (Optical Wedge Table, Optical Slot Table)
2009 Technique & Understanding 257
Paul Osborne The Great Escape
  • Osborne Illusion
rolling platform to transfer people on and off stage
June 2010 Genii (Vol. 73 No. 6) 14
Alexander de Cova Zaubertisch mit einer Table Base table with base
Also published here Aug. 2014 New Avantgarde Magic (Issue 21) 725
Alexander de Cova Zaubertisch mit einer Table Base table with base
Also published here 2015 Burners — Vol. 2 253
Kelvin Cheung Some Thoughts on Creating Dramatic Stage Magic
2016 The Ace Assembly All-Star Lecture Notes 84
Jonathan Pendragon The Dynamic Duo(s)
  • Panmagium
"Holy Double Transformation Batman!"
Apr. 2019 Genii (Vol. 82 No. 4) 48