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Ralph W. Hull Slip-Back Count
1933 20
Slip Back Count
1934 10
Slip Back Count
1937 154
Method 1 a fake-take count
1954 16
Falschabzählen durch Zurückziehen counting off the deck with faces towards audience, top card pulled back on deck to make it appear at any number
1974 4
Brother John Hamman Slip Count Variation
1982 55
Slip Count slipping card back on top of deck during count
1985 3
Brother John Hamman The Undercount cards counted off top of deck, a card is counted back
1989 38
Brother John Hamman Undercount Variation cards counted off bottom of packet, a card is counted back
Related to 1989 45
T. Page Wright Slip Count-Back faces towards spectators, card slid from right-hand side towards left, reverse cull at other side
1991 301
Bob King Slide Count cards taken from left dealing position into right fingertips, card stolen back
1995 8
Edward Marlo The "Slip Count" Principle credit information
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Aug. 1969
1995 58
Edward Marlo The Marlo Technique for the Slip Count
1995 59
Edward Marlo The Center Variation slip count from middle of packet
1995 63
Jerry K. Hartman, Brother John Hamman Simplified Undercount
1995 138
Ellis Stanyon The False Count No. 5, card moved back
1999 33
Ellis Stanyon At Any Number from the Top No. 34, selection on top, cards counted into other hand one by one, selection fed back
1999 75
Ellis Stanyon At Any Number from the Top No. 43, selection on top, top two cards counted as one at the beginning, later selection slipped back
1999 79
Ellis Stanyon The False Count No. 8, slipping card back
1999 295
Brother John Hamman Undercount Switch cards counted off bottom of packet, a card is counted back
Related to 1999 130
Ellis Stanyon Slip-Back Count
2001 71
Karl Fulves Nonesuch Count small number named, selection is there, false count off top of deck
Inspired by 2001 114
Jack Avis Flip-Up Put Back Count - A Utility Move every card angled up with the left thump
  • First, the Method of Counting
  • To Count Less
  • As a Force
  • The Double Deal Double Lift
  • Double Deal
2006 154
Put Back False Count
2007 84
Jerry K. Hartman False Count steal card(s) back onto deck while counting them into other hand and removing packet
2007 65
Ken Krenzel All-Fair Count
Inspired by
  • "Fake-Take Count" (Doug Edwards, Brass Knuckles)
2009 138