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Stephen Tucker Quartear only one quarter is torn away and bluff-restored
Related to Aug. 1992
Apocalypse (Vol. 15 No. 8)
Michael Daniels Oops! card is torn and restores in spectator's hand into mis-made configuration, "Oops Deck"
Related to Feb. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Michael Daniels Fold 'em Oops! card folded and unfolded, it is now mis-made, "Oops Deck"
Feb. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • Shipping Woes...
  • Topological Possibilities
  • Credits and Comments on Issue 5
  • FISM Bound
Related to May 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 2)
David Regal (reviewer) The Oops Deck by Michael Daniels May 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 5)