7 entries in Cards / Principles / Pointer Anomaly
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Karl Fulves Three-Card Monte No. 12, up-down arrows on cards used
1980 12
Martin Gardner MG Trio #3 orientation of head on QS and KH used for monte type guessing game, turning on vertical or horizontal axis ("The principle behind this trick has floated around a while.")
Variations 1989 20
Robert E. Neale Heads Turn orientation of head on picture cards
Inspired by 1989 22
Paul Harris The Pointer Anomaly "An Unexplored Paul Harris Discovery, and a Contest"
Variations Feb. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 2)
Caleb Wiles Clue multi-phase routine where the magician allows a participant to determine how "clue cards" (a few openly marked cards) will be turned to create a playing card, clue cards then turn into the mate of that card
Inspired by 2015 28
Geoffrey Williams The Trick That Vernon Tried To Explain To Me For A Quarter coin with arrow on it used, together with some improvised counting, to find selection or named prediction
June 2022
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. Florida Issue Part Two)
Robert Ramirez The Nightmare Card Trick cut-to card put aside, spectator deals into two piles any way he likes and top two cards are turned over, the two cards make up suit and value of placed-aside card
Nov. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 11)