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Louis Lam Introduction
1935 2
Louis Lam Perplexo "The 'El-El' Disappearance of One or More Cards", selection is put on face-up half and covered with other half, vanishes after separation of halves
1935 4
Louis Lam "A-Cee-O" - A Four Ace Effect spectator counts four piles on table, Aces on bottom of each
1935 5
Louis Lam Do As I Do "An Experiment in Coincidence", two four-card piles are made by counting some cards with both both decks, bottom cards match
1935 6
Louis Lam The "El-El" Master Four Ace Effect aces disappear one by one between two faced piles, indifferent cards then change to aces via glide
1935 7
Louis Lam Would you Believe it? freely selected and replaced card is instantly named, then reverses itself
1935 8
Louis Lam Center to Top Reverse similar to Future Reverse, but to top instead of to center
Related to 1935 8
Louis Lam Spelling Made Easy "What's In A Name?", with alphabet cards to produce spectator's name
Related to 1935 9
Louis Lam "Reverso"
1935 10
Louis Lam Tower Bridge "A New Bridge Effect", number of cut of cards is divined by value of another selection
1935 11
Louis Lam "Coloro" - the Colour Changing Pack of Cards
1935 12
Louis Lam "Alice in Wonderland" card turns over multiple times, then is spelled out
1935 15
Louis Lam The Movie Colour Cards blue deck put in red box and vice versa, decks change place in boxes
1935 16
Louis Lam When Were You Born? weirdly selected word is disclosed with alphabet cards
1935 18
Louis Lam It Pays to Advertise "Advertising stunts every magician must use", playing card with business information on front is forced via Svengali Deck
1935 19
Louis Lam Find the Lady money card changes into card with business information on front
1935 20
Francis Carlyle Francis Carlyle Aces
Related to 1936 150
Louis Lam Appreciation
1937 1
Louis Lam Calendro some numbers on calendar are added by spectator
1937 3
Louis Lam Coincidence one card marked on back so it cannot be switched
Variations 1937 6
Louis Lam Predicto four aces are shuffled by each performer and spectator, they chose the same which is also predicted on slate, jumbo cards recommended
1937 7
Louis Lam Key-ology Keys to Baldpate, four methods
1937 9
Louis Lam The Ace of Spades Ace of Spades and indifferent card shows, Ace changes to regular card and is reproduced from pocket, inspired by McDonald Aces performance
1937 14
Louis Lam Four-Aceious six double facers
1937 16
Louis Lam The Zig-Zag Card Novelty question marks on paper change into name of selected card
1937 19
Louis Lam Transpo duplicate
1937 20
Louis Lam Clairvoyance three spectators put three objects in pockets, medium knows who has what
1937 22
Louis Lam Number Please a number in corner of every card, spectators name any number, performer knows the card (as memory demonstration)
1937 25
Louis Lam Watch Me Closely numbers are added and counted to, card predicted
1937 27
Louis Lam The El-El Rising Card Novelty variation of right little-finger rise using cigarette
1937 29
Louis Lam Would You Believe It?
1937 30
Louis Lam "Mentalla"
1937 2
Side Slip Reverse basically Future Reverse
Related to 1938 339
Louis Lam Dedication
1939 2
Louis Lam Introduction
1939 3
Louis Lam The El-El Telephone Test
Also published here 1939 5
Louis Lam Lady Be Good
1939 7
Louis Lam The El-El Bluff Force weird force in which card next to previous selection is forced
Variations 1939 9
Louis Lam The El-El Four Ace Production
1939 10
Louis Lam Sensational Card Discovery
1939 10
Louis Lam The "Enormous" Four Ace Presentation chosen Ace transforms into previous selection, Ace from spectator's pocket
1939 12
Louis Lam "Mysterioso" ... A Most Sensational Four Ace Trick
Inspired by 1939 14
Louis Lam Miraculous selection travels from handkerchief-wrapped deck between rubber banded four Aces
Also published here 1939 16
Louis Lam Dual Sympathy
1939 18
Louis Lam Coincidence update, combined with bank night and prediction
Inspired by 1939 19
Louis Lam Impossible deck distributed in thirteen envelopes, cards in chosen envelope divined
1939 21
Louis Lam Pusho packet pushed (poke) from center as selection procedure
1939 23
Louis Lam Square Magic square with words is cut, various words spelled to find selection
1939 25
Louis Lam Amazo card cut to is revealed, with a deck with 32 cards
1940 4
Louis Lam A Sensational Card Effect thought of number and counting
1940 5
Louis Lam An Addition one of four thought-of, travels to pocket eventually, OOSOOM
1940 5
Louis Lam A Miracle in Cards two cards and their positions are noted, one by performer and one by spectator, cards are eventually found
1940 6
Joseph Ovette, Louis Lam A Tip on Slow Motion Card Vanish thin card stuffed in thumb tip, with other method by Louis Lam for thumb nail method
1940 11
Edward Marlo Reverse Sleight - Future Reverse
Related toVariations 1945 6
Louis Lam Miraculous selection travels from handkerchief-wrapped deck between rubber banded four Aces, followed by french translation
Also published here July 1945 7
Bibliographie Magique - Magische Bibliographie on Journal de la Prestidigitation, Le Magicien, Louis Lam, Bengalis
July 1945 12
Ehrentafel - Tableau d'honneur magicians who died or suffered in WWII, Miss Blanche, Louis Lam, Dr. Leonhard, Jacques Bombert, André Tallet
Nov. 1945 16
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Jay Marshall, Louis Lam, Steranko, Karrell Fox, Dai Vernon
Jan. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 353)
Don Tanner The Back Room on U. F. Grant, Karrell Fox, Steranko, Bob Nelson, Louis Lam
May 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 357)
Louis Lam, Rolf Andra The El El Telephone Test slightly varied by Andra
Also published here 1968
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 3)
Louis Lam Reverso
1969 116
Louis Lam Miraculous selection travels from handkerchief-wrapped deck between rubber banded four Aces
Also published here 1972 131
Karl Fulves On the Lam No. 57, number prediction on card gives position of later selection
Inspired by 1984 82
Richard Sanders Reverse from Center to Top for visual appearance
Related to 1987 42