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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Karl Fulves Future Minus odd backed card underneath cardboard, another card signed is put underneath as well, they become one signed odd-backed card
Related toVariations 1971 39
Paul Harris The Bizarre Twist! card perpendicular between two other cards turns visually over, color changing back kicker ("The Bizarre Routine")
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1976 73
Daniel Cros Cros Twist "An Enhancement for the Bizarre Twist", one-handed version
Inspired byVariations 1978 82
Paul Harris The Bizarre Vanish card visually vanishes while spectator holds it
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1981 81
Dai Vernon The Cutting Edge estimation principle for estimating difference of two piles, always even
Related to 1996 80
Peter Gröning What's Up, Doc? sugar cubes disappear in the hand and appear in performer's mouth
1996 25
David Regal Nailed! Two card transposition while one is stapled to a block of wood
Variations 1999 123
Peter Gröning Marjasin Joker pushed through deck sideways, visually changes into selection
Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Peter Gröning Traveling Marjasin Marjasin variation as transposition
Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Peter Gröning Blushing Marjasin back color changes visually when pushed through deck sideways
Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Peter Gröning A Collect Call
1999 117
Peter Gröning Quickie spectator's selection is under her hand, performer's selection travels to join under the spectator's hand, repeat
1999 128
Peter Gröning Clean Cut Shuffle ends with clean cut
  • As a Block Transfer
    • From Bottom to Top
    • From Top to Bottom
1999 146
Peter Gröning Splitting the Aces a Four is split into two Twos, then the four Aces
Sep./Oct. 2001
Mr. Gadfly (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Peter Gröning Estimation card chosen fairly, performer removes a card and pockets it, it turns out to be the selection
Related to 2002 24
Peter Gröning Center Action Cop a card is out-jogged and a block from the center put in gambler's cop position
2002 28
Peter Gröning, Michael Powers Signed Sealed and Delivered unknown card signed on back, sandwiched with red Jacks and put in card case, another card is signed on face, cased card turns out to be signed on both sides later
  • Signed, Sealed and Delivered the Easy Way
Inspired by 2006 80
Tom Stone Wooden Sign "signed card" with isolated card stapled to piece of wood
Inspired byAlso published here 2011 178
Peter Gröning Six Friendly Involvements
2020 ix
Peter Gröning Introduction
2020 1
Peter Gröning High Concept
  • Background
  • Concept
  • What about the missing backs?
  • Faces or backs
  • The signatures
  • The marker
  • The soother
  • Regarding routining
  • A word of caution
  • Finally
2020 3
Peter Gröning A Little History credit information on the Fusion effect
2020 9
Peter Gröning Resigned two cards signed on front and back by two spectators, the fuse into double-facer, performer left with two back-signed duplicates
Variations 2020 11
Peter Gröning In-the-Hands Spread Stop Force to break
2020 12
Peter Gröning Half Resigned two cards signed on front and back by performer and spectator, the fuse into double-facer, performer left with back-signed duplicate
2020 20
Peter Gröning Resigned in Color two cards from two decks signed on front and back by two spectators, the fuse into double-facer, performer left with two back-signed duplicates
2020 26
Peter Gröning Resigned by Remote Control two cards signed on front and back by two spectators, the fuse into double-facer, performer left with two back-signed duplicates, handling away from deck
2020 29
Peter Gröning First Thoughts chapter intro
2020 35
Peter Gröning Bit by Bit card signed on back, covered with envelope, face of card fades to blank in two stages, then vanishes, and reappears in envelope, apparition
2020 37
Peter Gröning Fade In odd-backed blank card is signed on back, it changes into previously selected card in stages, apparition
2020 44
Peter Gröning Face Off card signed on both sides and put in cased deck, blank odd-backed card signed on back, its face changes into selection in stages, then signature appears, cased card is now blank-faced, apparition
2020 53
Peter Gröning Card Load to Outside as deck is cased, bottom card is left outside
2020 54
Peter Gröning Gifted ring box is shaken from card case even though it is too larger, later signed card appears in it
2020 57
Peter Gröning Bizarre Assignment Bizarre Vanish (à la Biddle Trick) and Twist with card signed on both sides, color-changing back kicker
Inspired by 2020 64
Peter Gröning Cros Twist Handling one-handed
Inspired by 2020 71
Peter Gröning Spiked paper nailed to wall, card signed and vanished, it appears nailed to wall behind paper
  • An enhanced handling (both sides of card signed)
2020 74
Peter Gröning Bottled signed, brief
2020 79
Peter Gröning Once Torn, Twice Restored brief outline for routine in which signed card is restored except last quarter, then whole card
2020 80
Peter Gröning Coinfused coin version of Resigned with initialed coins
Inspired by 2020 81
Peter Gröning Coin through Handkerchief Embellishment signed shell
Inspired by
  • "Coin through Handkerchief" (Bobo, The Sphinx, Vol. 45 No. 2, Apr. 1946, p. 44)
2020 84
Peter Gröning Torn Between Two Worlds selection torn in half, both halves signed by two spectators, they fuse into half a SBS double facer
2020 89
Peter Gröning Knock on Wood unknown odd-backed card stapled to block of wood, turns out to be later signed selection, presented as faces transposing, credit information
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here
  • TheSecondDeal website, Feb. 2001
2020 97
Peter Gröning Riffle Force Variation
2020 101
Peter Gröning Signed, Sealed and Delivered unknown card signed on back, sandwiched and cased, later it has the signature of a later signed card as well
VariationsAlso published here
  • TheSecondDeal website, July 1999
  • The Linking Ring, Vol. 82 No. 3, Mar. 2002
2020 108
Peter Gröning Case Sandwich Unload loading bottom card(s) to outside of case as sandwich is cased
2020 109
Peter Gröning Case Dump Addition copped cards added to cards that are dumped out of case
2020 111
Peter Gröning Signing Off
2020 113
David Britland (reviewer) Resigned to Miracles by Peter Gröning Feb. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 2)