Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Milton Kort

363 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Sandy Kort.
Language: English

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Ron Bauer Introduction vii
John Luka Thoughts on Milt Kort's Eightieth Birthday Extracted from The Linking Ring Magazine, Oct 1997 x
Milton Kort Kort's Cardinal Rules of Magic 1. It's the little things that count.
2. Always take every advantage you can.
Milton Kort Kort's Center Steal Steal card from center of deck into left hand full palm after spectator signs card (first published in Abracadabra, vol. 27, no. 695, May 23 1959.)Inspired byRelated to 5
Milton Kort How it All Began 9
Milton Kort Diminishing Monte Ace, Two, Three of Spades - spectator cannot get money card (Ace, Two or Three), duplicate 11
Unknown Monte Toss Switch Tips to make it convincing 12
Paul Curry Curry Turnover Change featuring Kelly Bottom Placement to get into position for change 14
Milton Kort Routines 17
Milton Kort Heir to the Throne four Kings change places with four Aces, then three Kings and three Aces, then two, then one. Combination of four different tricks.Inspired by 19
Frederick Braue Braue Addition 21
Dai Vernon Optical Monte Move 28
Milton Kort Magic As a Hobby 29
Milton Kort Quintimodo Performer and spectator has five cards, Do as I Do effect but audience cannot get same result, diminishing number of cards, credit information on the plotInspired by
  • "Quasimodo" (Stephen Tucker, Abracadabra No. 2589, Sept 1995)
Milton Kort The Straight-backed Method ungaffed variation of QuintimodoRelated to 36
Dr. Jacob Daley Dr. Daley's Reversal 39
Milton Kort Foiling the Speech Teacher 41
Milton Kort Vernon's Variant Variant Similar effect to Vernon's Variant, but with color changing back as a kicker ending (first published in Swami, Vol. I, Issue 2, Feb 1972)Inspired by 43
Milton Kort My Short Career as Master of the Locks 47
Milton Kort The Off-color Twenty-one-Card Trick twenty-one card trick with a color changing back ending, done as a magician gag/fooler 49
Milton Kort Meeting with the President 53
Milton Kort Second Banana Ambitious Card effect with odd-colored card (card rises to second from top repeatedly), climax with deck changing to duplicates of selection, and selection becoming Joker (first published in Genii, vol. 32, no. 4, Dec 1967)Related to
  • "Milt Kort's Card Trick" (Milt Kort, Teral Garrett's Psycho-gizmo, no. 39, Aug 1964)
  • "Ambitious-like" (Milt Kort, Off-color Card Tricks, 1970)
Milton Kort The Quinine Caper About trick of putting finger in quinine (terrible taste) and secretly licking other finger 63
Milton Kort Kort's Color-changing Deck Two red decks, one changes to blue, and then a Chicago Opener style routine is performed (blue card placed in red deck, spectator picks it out from face up spread)Related to 65
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display Show all cards to have same back 66
Unknown Snap Over Change Carp flipped over quickly with a snap on sleeve 67
Unknown Bottom Reversal Control Control card to bottom, reversing it in process (pass-like action) 69
Milton Kort My Sensational Poison Swallowing Act 71
Milton Kort Security Express Four Aces vanish from between red Jacks, appear between black Jacks in middle of the pack (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 2, no. 12, Feb 1971)Inspired by 73
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 74
Milton Kort My Shortest Professional Engagement 77
Milton Kort, Jack Avis Matcho Spectator freely selects one of four blue cards, magician deals out four previously placed red cards below the blue ones, the chosen blue card matches the corresponding red (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 1, no. 8, Oct 1969)Related toVariations 79
Milton Kort Citizen Kort 85
Milton Kort The Courtright Connection Spectator selects two cards, revealed to be black Jacks, which are then used to sandwich red Jacks 87
Unknown Side Glide From Ovette Kelly master move position 89
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro The K. M. Move As a steal 89
Milton Kort What Would You Do? Milt's way of dealing with spectators who want to shuffle the deck in the middle of a poker deal 93
Milton Kort, Karl Fulves That Darned Ace Spectator names any Ace, performer shows that Ace to have hindered him from getting a four of a kind Poker hand (three Kings and selected Ace), suit matches missing King 95
Milton Kort Maintaining a Reputation 101
Milton Kort Card to Shoes Selected card travels to left shoe, then right shoeRelated to 103
Milton Kort More Kort Luck in the Service 107
Milton Kort Travelers Without Palms Lazy version of TravelersInspired byRelated to 109
Edward Marlo Simple Shift Related to 110
Al Baker Pocket Ditching Ruse Related to 112
Milton Kort Putting on the Gloves 113
Milton Kort Svengali of the Phone Lines Card selected, random person called on phone names selection, then spectator names any number, card appears at number (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 1, no. 1, 1969) 115
Milton Kort To Paraphrase Sam Spade The cheaper the magician, the gaudier the patter. 121
Milton Kort Kort's Copper and Silver Transposition (The Director's Cut) No gimmicksRelated to 123
Milton Kort, L'Homme Masqué L'Homme Masque's Coin Load Handling From thumb palm 125
Milton Kort The Sterling Shelf Force Harold Sterling and Bob UngewitterRelated to 129
Milton Kort 51 cent Metamorphosis (Originally published in F. William Kuethe's Journal of Necromantic Numismatics, vol. 7, no. 1, Oct 1972) Copper silver transpo with handkerchief roll/fold 131
Milton Kort A Free Ring with Every Purchase Harold Sterling 135
Milton Kort Korting Rylander's Silver and Copper Three silver coins transpose with three copper coins (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 4, no. 4, 1972)Inspired by
  • (Paul Rylander, The Sphinx, vol. 49, no. 11, 1950)
Unknown Flipped Coin Switch Normal coin switched for copper/silver, coin flips over in process 139
Milton Kort How I lost the Break 145
Milton Kort The Invisible Toss Magician pretends to do false transfer, but coin is shown to have transferred 147
Milton Kort The Night Bobo Missed Milt Kort pranking J. B. Bobo 149
Milton Kort Going, Going, Going, gnioG, Gone Coin through hand four times, then vanishes (sequences include those by Felicien Trewey, Jose Frakson)Inspired by 151
Unknown Sleeving from Back of Fist 156
Milton Kort What Sleeve? How to deal with accusations of sleeving 157
Milton Kort First Out of the Gate four coins produced under corners of handkerchief on table (first published in Precursor, no. XXI, Oct 1988) 159
Milton Kort A Daley Occurrence Milt Kort meeting Dr. Daley 163
Milton Kort Cuckoo's Coin Coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four timesInspired byAlso published here 165
Unknown Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load 166
Unknown Spectator Jacket Breast Pocket Load 167
Milton Kort A Great Magician Arrives at Sterling's 169
Milton Kort Delayed Arrival Four coin production with delayed last coin 171
Milton Kort The Other Leipzig Stories about Leo Leipzig, Nate Leipzig's brother 175
Milton Kort The Downs Palm Switch 179
Milton Kort My Lesson from Paul Rosini Milt Kort fooling Rosini 181
Milton Kort The Nomad Coins Three different coins fly from hand to hand, pocket to hand, hand to under cardInspired by 183
Milton Kort, Dave Hertzberg In-the-Well Steal Handling Related toAlso published here
  • Magic & Spells Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 4, 1972
Milton Kort Private Advice from Senor Mardo 189
Mark Rumsey The Rumsey Vanish Coin vanish with handkerchief 191
Milton Kort Zinc's Mystery Box Al Zinc 195
Milton Kort Nomads in the Dunes Three different coins under handkerchief, vanish and appear under card in stages (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 10, no. 11, Jan 1979)Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 197
Milton Kort We Developed This Policy During My Days at Sterling's Work tricks to death 201
Milton Kort Two From Four Equals...? Four coins under handkerchief, one coin travels to pocket, other coins disappearInspired by 203
Milton Kort The Plum Fooling monte hustler with one-way card swindle from John ScarneRelated to 207
Milton Kort The Okorto Box Routine Coins in coin box penetrate out through hand, then box penetrates handRelated to 209
Milton Kort Box Switching Technique 213
Milton Kort Flat Palming Technique For coin box 215
Milton Kort Sometimes Luck isn't Enough 229
Milton Kort CoBoxGo Coins vanish from box, box then vanishes (uses handkerchief) 231
Milton Kort Meeting Marlo 235
Milton Kort CoBoxGo 2 Half dollars in box transform into pennies, then box vanishes 237
Milton Kort A Central Compliment Ed Marlo and Carmen D'Amico 241
Milton Kort The Invisible Okito Box Four coins penetrate through hand one by one (presented as Invisible Okito Box for magicians) first published in The New Tops, vol. 34, no. 2, Feb 1994 243
Milton Kort Milt's First Principle of Magic HAVE FUN! 251
Milton Kort Kort's Dice Switch Improved palm technique 253
Milton Kort An Invitation Declined John Luka 257
Milton Kort Cups & Dice Six phased routine, like Cups and Balls but with pairs of coloured dice and colored cups 259
Milton Kort The Ammonia Scam 267
J. B. Bobo Traveling by Boxcar Pair of white dice transpose with pair of red diceVariations 269
Milton Kort Kort's Drugs 271
Milton Kort No Caboose Transposition of pair of red and white dice, no extra dice requiredInspired by 273
Milton Kort Magic: A Practical Application 275
Milton Kort Changing Trains Red dice transpose with white dice, then change to green 277
Milton Kort Kortchanged Related to 279
Milton Kort Quick-change Crap Skill demo to switch dice 281
Milton Kort The Cash Register Caper Ron Bauer 283
Milton Kort Milt's Back-palm Gag Pseudo expose of backpalming dice 285
Milton Kort My Bright Idea 287
Milton Kort, Somerset Kort Wanna Try? (or The Razor's Edge) Vanish and appearance routine with sharp razor blades 289
Milton Kort The Literature 297
Milton Kort Kortospheres Three ball trick with different colored ballsInspired by 299
Milton Kort Improved Pop-Up Move Improved handling of the classic Pop-Up move for Three Ball Trick 302
Milton Kort Cardini's Wish 313
Milton Kort Pen-etration Pen penetrates handkerchief twice, then vanishes 315
Milton Kort Bob Lund's Shameful Expose 323
Milton Kort Contrary Currency Bills transpose, penetrate and transformRelated toAlso published here 325
Milton Kort My Shameful Expose 333
Milton Kort, Don Nielsen Precognitive Cups & Balls Predict color of ball chosen, prediction in one of three cupsAlso published here 335
Milton Kort Potter's Bar Jack Potter 339
Milton Kort The Egg and mIlt Egg Bag with normal handkerchief instead of gimmicked bag 341
Milton Kort The Tel-Twelve Mystics 355
Milton Kort Umgowa! Vanish small elephant toy (first published in Mantra, vol. 1, no. 10, Jan 1976) 357
Milton Kort Aboard the Schooner 363