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Card in the Egg - Wand torn and restored card to egg
1942/27 69
Jack Yeager Card in Egg Routine De Luxe torn card restored in egg, corner verification, with wand
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
Don Alan Card in the Egg card is selected and miniature version found in plastic egg, all cards in deck are the same as climax
Variations 1951 9
The Chosen Card in the Egg two versions, stand and wand
1982 144
A Card & Egg Trick trick wand, reprinted from Vol. 1 No. 1 of "The Wizard", Sept. 1905
Jan. 1994
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Tom Conley Conley's Mindless Egg card chosen, three eggs on table, one peeled and name of card is on hard-boiled yolk inside, second egg has miniature deck with selection reversed and third egg folded selection inside
Inspired by 2002 252
Card in Egg - First Method: The Card-in-egg Wand
2002 259
Card in Egg - Second Method: With an Eggcup
Also published here
  • Eggstraordinary Ways of Eggshibiting with Eggs, p. 22
2002 260
John Gaughan The Egg Pillar
  • The Chamber of Secrets
card is loaded into egg from an egg stand
Feb. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 2)