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153 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
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Roberto Giobbi Thanks
Roberto Giobbi Foreword
  • The Mighty Deck Switch
  • How To Read This Book
Roberto Giobbi Terminology and Structure of the Deck Switch 1. Terminology
  • Cold Deck or Cooler?
  • Cold Deck!
  • Dress Map

2. Structure of the Deck Switch
  • The Diagram
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Technique
  • Clean-up
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Roberto Giobbi Categories of Deck Switches
  • Mechanical Deck Switches
  • Technical Deck Switches
  • Deck Switches Depending on a Trick
  • Substitute Deck Switches
Roberto Giobbi Basic Principles - To Keep Decks Apart four methods
Roberto Giobbi The Finger-Tongs Switch basic pocket switch
Roberto Giobbi Grips on the Cold Deck
  • Flat-Palm Grip
  • Tenkai Grip
  • Deep Dealing Position
Roberto Giobbi Body Hold-outs
  • Chair Hold-out
  • Crook of the Knee Hold-out
  • Sock Hold-out
  • Trousers Fold Hold-out
Roberto Giobbi Anchor a Shuffle "Remember, You Shuffled"
Roberto Giobbi Delayed Performance tip on structure
Roberto Giobbi How To Prepare a Sealed Deck
Roberto Giobbi In-and-Out Deck Switches
  • The Pocket-Search Deck Switch
  • The Looking-for-a-Pen Deck Switch
  • The "Topless" Deck Switch (without Jacket, inspired by Elmsley's switch)
  • The Rapid Deck Switch (trouser pocket)
  • The Ninja Deck Switch
Inspired byRelated to 23
Roberto Giobbi Behind-the-Back Switch with presentational ploys
  • Here's Your Card!
  • The Visible Invisible Deck
  • Demonstration
VariationsAlso published here 33
Roberto Giobbi The Pocket-to-Pocket Switch
Inspired by 37
Roberto Giobbi Turning Around Deck Switches performer turns with his back to the audience
  • 1. Infrastructure and Mechanics of the Switch
  • 2. Tricks and Presentations - A Few Examples
Roberto Giobbi The Imaginary Deck card selected from invisible deck is found, or found reversed, ...
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz The Partagás Switch Plus - Triple Partagás three selections found in pocket
Inspired by 45
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Two-Pocket Partagás two cards found in half the deck in each pocket
Inspired byAlso published here 48
Jean Hugard, Roberto Giobbi Hugard's Method of Changing Packs card at named number is named, repeated twice
Inspired by 51
Roberto Giobbi Because the Cards Know "The Ace-Two-Four-Eight Divination", thought of card divined via other cards in pocket, binary, card optionally transformed into selection
Laurie Ireland, Roberto Giobbi Bonus free selection located in pocket
Inspired by 57
Roberto Giobbi The Ribbon Spread Deck Switch
Roberto Giobbi The Relax Lap Deck Switch
Bill Woodfield, Roberto Giobbi, Max Malini The Chair Adjustment Deck Switch
Inspired by
  • "Think" (William Woodfield, Genii, Vol. 12 No. 7, March 1948, p. 200)
Steve Forte, Roberto Giobbi The Money Switch adapted from reference, using bills
Inspired by
  • "Poker Protection" (Steve Forte, p. 106)
Jack Merlin, Roberto Giobbi The Mani Pulite Deck Switch while getting handkerchief
Inspired byRelated to 73
Flip Hallema Flip's Deck Switch cased, using sleeve
Flip Hallema Further Deck Switch cased, using sleeve
Roberto Giobbi The Chivalrous Deck Switch as spectator is helped to return from stage back to his seat
Roberto Giobbi The Gambler's Coat Deck Switch as coat on chair is removed, two handlings
Mel Brown, Roberto Giobbi The Joker Deck Switch Jokers forgotten on table
Inspired byVariations 87
Juan Tamariz Variation on the Joker Switch
Inspired by 88
Roberto Giobbi Equivoque Red- and Blue-Deck Switch apparent red and blue card case mix-up
Also published here 91
Roberto Giobbi The Real Pseudo Deck Switch selection predicted, apparently done with switch for one-way deck in which shuffled deck is switch for real
Roberto Giobbi, Richard Himber A New Look at Himber's Razor Deck Trick razor blade card trick
Roberto Giobbi The One-handed Switch deck cased, deck thrown away and selection appears at fingertips
Roberto Giobbi Casing the Deck Switch two handlings
Roberto Giobbi The Simplex Deck Switch deck put away and another one is already in tabled case
Roberto Giobbi The Cool Man's Deck Switch subtle
Carlhorst Meier The Trojan Deck Switch card predicted in second deck
VariationsAlso published here 123
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon The No Switch Deck Switch strategies to justify the open use of a different deck
Related toAlso published here 127
Roberto Giobbi Brief Additional Ideas intro
Roberto Giobbi The Rubber Band Ploy
Roberto Giobbi Do-as-I-Do
Roberto Giobbi The Tossed-Out Deck Switch
Alfred "Berlany" Hoffmann The Mirror Glass Switch
Related to
  • MAGIE (June 1932)
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein The Hollow Receptacle Switch
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  • MAGIE (June 1932)
Alfred "Berlany" Hoffmann The In-and-Out Switch gimmicked box
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  • MAGIE (June 1932)
Roberto Giobbi The Sting Deck Switch
Roberto Giobbi The Drawer Box Deck Switch
Roberto Giobbi Selected Sources for Deck Switches commentary of various deck switches in print
Roberto Giobbi It's Not a Deck Switch, But... chapter intro
Roberto Giobbi Carney's Card in Balloon deck switch application
Inspired by 145
Roberto Giobbi Clayton Rawson's Mental Broadcast deck switch application
Inspired by 145
Roberto Giobbi Hugard's Example of Presentation deck switch application
Inspired by 146
Roberto Giobbi Staring-Him-in-the-Face deck switch application
Inspired byAlso published here 146
Roberto Giobbi Luka's Airborne Again deck switch application
Inspired by 146
Henry Christ The Lota Bowl Switch reprinted from reference
Related to 149
Roberto Giobbi About the DVD comments on DVD that comes with book
  • Genesis
  • Recording
  • Structure of the Presentation
  • Tricks and Techniques
  • Pros and Cons
  • On a Personal Note
  • Thanks
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