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17 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Bob King Introduction "This is the third, the shortest and probably the best of the Breather-Crimp series." 3
Bob King Another Late-Night Session performer cuts to fairly lost selection, twenty-six duplicates, incomplete faroInspired by 4
Bob King Challenge Cards to Pocket 6
Bob King Four Card Control cards inserted in fan with crimp (bluff spacing), then overhand shuffle sequence 6
Bob King Countdown spectator names number, that many cards are cut out of center with selection as last cardRelated to 8
Bob King Dunbury Breather 9
Henry Christ Christ Drop Switch card flipped over in spread 10
Bob King My Opener Inspired by
  • "As an Opener" (Ed Marlo, New Tops, Vol. 5 No. 9, 1965)
Bob King Follow Up single phase, SBS 12
Bob King Phantom Control card at though-of number remembered, performer claims that he will bring it back to this position, actually this is a ruse to control it in standard lazy-man's to pocket style 13
Bob King Cutting Edge three piles, faroing crimp next to selection, with no-faro handlingRelated to 14
Bob King Magician v. Gambler four Queens produced and signed, then matching the cards with travelers finaleRelated to 15