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J. Nevil Maskelyne, Professor Hoffmann The Great Dictionary Trick word appears on armRelated to Later Magic 490
J. Nevil Maskelyne Maskelyne's Levitation assistant levitates on a board in front of the magician Magician's Magic 89
J. Nevil Maskelyne, Unknown The Levitation The Big Book of Magic 261
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Our Magic by J. Nevil Maskelyne (written by David Devant)
Second Edition
The Paul Fleming Book Reviews - Volume III 10
J. Nevil Maskelyne Putting Up System from "Sharps & Flats" (1895) Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 129
Karl Fulves Database further comments and credit information on the referenced itemsRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 4) 115