Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
18 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings by Jim Steinmeyer
Language: English
11 entries
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Jim Steinmeyer Introduction
Jim Steinmeyer Your Friends in Oz character chosen from a story is divined/verbally forced
Also published here 1
Jim Steinmeyer My Word! princess card trick with word cards, word chosen from one of several quotes by spectators, divined with matrix principle by reading several quotes and seeing who hears his word
Also published here 1
Jim Steinmeyer Automatic Palmistry hand spelling stunt, left or right divined
Also published here 4
Jim Steinmeyer 3-Part Harmony Mental Epic type routine with three cardboards on chairs
Also published here 4
Jim Steinmeyer The Read Letter spectators think of a word in a line of a recited poem, then of a letter in that, the letters are divined
Also published here 7
Jim Steinmeyer The Great Silverware Scam Piano Card Trick with forks and knives
Also published here 9
Jim Steinmeyer Mad Marketing six people on chair get into the predicted order, advertising presentation
Also published here 10
Jim Steinmeyer Poetry in Motion order of six envelopes chosen by spectators, they form a poem in the right order
Also published here 11
Jim Steinmeyer Mrs. Houdini Steps Out assistant bound with ropes, rope pulled away and assistant is instantly free
Also published here 13
Jim Steinmeyer Free Lunch price of lunch put together from a printed menu is predicted
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