Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Various

35 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Lewis Ganson Introduction 4
Lewis Ganson Supreme Moves - Requirements
- Set-Up - The Get-Ready
- The Ball Rises
- The Ball Rises into View
- The Ball Floats along the Arm
- Around the Body
- The Ball Suspends on the Cloth
- The Ball 'Bounces' on the Cloth - A Routine
Luis Gavilondo The Gavilondo Start and Finish 11
Will Ayling Will Ayling's Zombie Routine - The Apparatus
- The Routine
- The Start
- The Ball Comes to Life
- The Ball on the Arm
- The Cradle
- The Ball on the Edge of the Cloth
- The Hoop around the Ball
- The Ball around the Body
- The Ball Moves along the Cloth
- The Ball Floats
- The Finish
Luis Gavilondo The Sacred Sun Ball - The Entrance
- Attaching the Gimmick
- The Ball Vanishes
- The Ball Re-Appears
- Showing Both Sides of the Cloth
- The Ball on the Elbow
- The Ball on the Knee
- The Ball Floats - Climax
Luis Gavilondo Additinal Sequence for a Zombie Routine 29
Luis Gavilondo 'Wrong Side' Ball Appearance 33
Lewis Ganson Conclusion 35