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Lee Earle Editor's Desk: Notes from the Tour on Dave Arch, Denny Haney, Tony Razzano, Irene Larsen, Bev Bergeron, Joe Marino, Lee Woodside, Tony Devine
1995 Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 6) 112
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor Desk: on Bob Cassidy, Tim Conover, Anton Zellman, Pascal du Clairmont, John Riggs, Ken Weber, Joe Marino, Satori, Charlie Buckner, Bill Myers, Roy Miller, John Riggs
1996 Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 17) 168
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Meeting of the Minds, Al Mann, Jeff & Tessa Evans, Mark Salem, Charles Pecor, Bruce Bernstein, Banachek, Gary Kurtz, Chuck & Betsy Hickok, Joe Marino, Richard Webster, Blair Robertson, Dick Steiner, Dave Arch, Doug Dyment
1996 Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 15) 248
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on P.E.A., Joe Marino, John Langdon
1997 Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 17) 260
Joe Marino Pro Fabulation prediction of prize of dream card inside wallet
1997 Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 18) 261
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on John Riggs, Jack Dean, C.L. Boardé, Ty Kralin, Scott Robinson, Eddy Wade, Phantini, Joe Marino, Fred Hager
1997 Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. 2) 272