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Written by John Carney
Work of John Carney
25 pages (Stapled), published by Catman Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman, John Carney, Steve Carlson, Paul Butler, Jim Murphy
Language: English
16 entries
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John Carney Current Classic sponge ball appears, vanishes, reproduced from spectator's pocket, splitting in two, spectator's hand finish
Also published here 1
John Carney Sponge Ball Production visual
Also published here 1
John Carney False Transfer
Also published here 2
John Carney Pocket Transpo one in coat pocket
Also published here 6
John Carney Predictable Surprise prediction on napkin is correct, selection travels under napkin
Inspired byAlso published here 7
Tabled Jog deck with jogged card on table
Dribble Force
John Carney Easy As Hell Prediction card in case matches selection
Inspired by
  • "Big Deal" (Don Alan)
Also published here
John Carney Stealing Card under Box double, one card inserted in case, the other loaded under box
Also published here 9
John Carney Case Drop Addition card underneath case secretly dropped on tabled pile
Also published here 10
John Carney The Logical Bill Trick three half dollars are produced from 1$ bill, changes into 100$ bill
Also published here 12
John Carney Capricious Cards four cards change to three selections one after another, gemini counts (general cards with packet)
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Gambler's Switch tabled packet, as deck is set on table
Brother John Hamman Gemini Count
John Carney Versa Switch
Inspired byAlso published here 21
John Carney Kings & Aces Change Places
Also published here 24
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