1975-1978 ca.
Written by Lawrence Nudelman
Work of Lawrence Nudelman
9 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Levitan
Language: English
9 entries
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Lawrence Nudelman Levitating a Dollar Bill bill floats up from the table and back down, thread
Lawrence Nudelman The Money Fan - Cool It! fan made of bills taken out of pocket and opened to fan some fresh air, sight gag
Lawrence Nudelman Sock It Away! sight gag, sock with purse frame attached, stream of end-to-end glued bills are pulled out
Lawrence Nudelman Vanishing a Dollar Bill bill folded up vanishes
Lawrence Nudelman The Eight Dollar Count - (The Elmsley Count) four one-dollar bills, one changes into a five-dollar bill
Lawrence Nudelman The Dollar Pill Bottle dollar bill wrapped around pill bottle, card chosen and lost, bill removed and selection is found wrapped around pill bottle, duplicate
Lawrence Nudelman Bills in Wallet Change Places five-dollar bill taken out of plastic wallet is given to spectator, one-dollar bill removed from wallet is held by performer, they transpose
Barry Gibbs 5 to 1 I'll Find Your Selected Card card chosen and not found, at the back of a one-dollar bill is found the selection, bill shown again and it is now a five-dollar bill
Arthur Emerson The Currency Cut dollar sized pieces are cut out of a newspaper, they change into real bills, by "Arthur J. Emerson, Jr." (same guy?)
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