Written by Todd Karr
Work of Todd Karr
12 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by The Miracle Factory
No illustrations
Language: French
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Todd Karr Todd of This World spectator deals deck randomly into a chosen number of pile, in each pile all the the suits are present but separated into groups
Todd Karr La Coterie Karr spectator can freely choose the leader packet
Inspired byRelated to 3
Todd Karr Karr Forçage Trois - Cinq force of an item in a row of ten, 10/11 Force application
Todd Karr Karr Forçage Visuel postcard chosen from twenty-four postcards with flowers depicted on them, it is predicted, using a force stack of differently looking rose images
Inspired by
  • "Punchline" (Timothy Wenk, marketed 1989)
Todd Karr Le Cauchemar D'Annemann chosen card vanishes from deck and appears elsewhere
Inspired by
  • "A Day-Time Nightmare" (Theodore Annemann, 1929)
Pit Hartling Back to the Future card trick done in reverse, card is found first but not looked at, then a card is peeked at, it vanishes and previously chosen card turns out to be selection
Also published here
  • "Back to the Future" (Pit Hartling, Flicking Fingers DVD & Linking Ring Parade Oct. 2019)
Todd Karr Texas Todd performer wins with Royal Flush in Hold 'Em game
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