Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Aldo Colombini

26 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Lewis Ganson Introduction 5
Aldo Colombini The Cups and Balls - The Colombini Presentation
- Requirements
- Set-Up
- Getting Ready
- Performance
Unknown The Optical Move showing cups empty 10
Aldo Colombini The Can-Can Move hiding balls in cup, while tossing them from hand to hand 12
Aldo Colombini The Tilt Move tilting the cup from another cup, stealing a ball 12
Aldo Colombini The Flying Catch ball is dropped from cup and caught under it, hiding other balls 14
Aldo Colombini The Travelling Balls 15
Aldo Colombini Ball Through Table, Hand and Cups 16
Charlie Miller Miller's Penetration 18
Aldo Colombini The Balls Penetrate Two Cups 19
Aldo Colombini The Ultimate Vanish ball vanishes by hitting two cups against it 20
Aldo Colombini The Final Load 22
Aldo Colombini The Climax three large balls appear 25
Lewis Ganson Conclusion 26