Written by Philip T. Goldstein
Work of Philip T. Goldstein
24 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Philip T. Goldstein, Chris Kenner
Language: German
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Philip T. Goldstein Suspencil pencil sticks to hand, loops
Philip T. Goldstein Drop Contrast only red-backed card in blue-backed deck is found by spectator, red/blue double backer
Philip T. Goldstein Strung-Out card is selected and signed from a deck with hole drilled through it, deck threaded with a cord and selection removed under silk, duplicate
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
Philip T. Goldstein, Shigeo Takagi Cash on the Corner handling for Shigeo Takagi's "Cash Card", four cardboard with plastic film attached, blank pieces of paper are inserted and they transform into bills, with torn corner kicker
Philip T. Goldstein Psi-Con Ruse double ended cards are placed in book (instead of apparatus)
Philip T. Goldstein Currency Exchange five envelopes in wallet, one contains money, with prediction
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