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100 pages (Paperback), published by TCC
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Harapan Ong Foreword Introduction + explaining the meaning of The Four Treasures
Harapan Ong Centre of Attention Ace of Spades keeps reversing itself in packet of Aces, ends with imbalanced transposition between Ace of Spades and other three Aces
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Harapan Ong Hand To Pocket Selected and signed card placed on spectator's palm, deck placed reversed on top of the card. Card disappears and travels to magician's pocket.
Harapan Ong Indicated Transposition Two cards selected and lost. First card turns face up in the middle of the deck, and then placed aside. Magician counts down the value of the first card from its position, and finds first selection again. The card placed aside is shown to be the second selection.
Harapan Ong Punchback Variation of Kickback by Ryan Swigert. Two black Kings used to locate two selections one by one, but in the process the two selections suddenly change places with the two Kings.
Inspired byVariations 75
Mexican Turnover
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