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Written by Jamy Ian Swiss
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Jamy Ian Swiss You Can Reach An Old Trick With A New Script Thoughts on "Commercial" Presentation
Also published here 1
Jamy Ian Swiss The Obligatory Card Trick
Also published here 7
Jamy Ian Swiss Brainy Triumph wrong card found and used to count down to selection
Also published here 11
Jamy Ian Swiss On the Triumph Effect discussion of Triumph effect and the use of further displays
Also published here 11
Jamy Ian Swiss Juan Betterini presentation for Daryl's effect
Also published here 17
Jamy Ian Swiss Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind rhyming patter
Also published here 19
Jamy Ian Swiss The Moron Deck rainbow deck
Also published here 23
Jamy Ian Swiss Cultural Influences On Techniques Of Card Selection three selections made in different ways and found in different ways with two four-of-a-kinds along the way, presentation for Skinner's routine
Also published here 25
Jamy Ian Swiss The Card Sharp theatrical presentation for Lorayne's routine
Also published here 27
Jamy Ian Swiss On Routining, Descriptive Scripts, And Card Tricks
Also published here 33
Jamy Ian Swiss My Reverse Routine card turns over a few times, then the whole deck
Also published here 33
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