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Rick Merrill Heart Up His Sleeve series of vanishes and productions with a Sharpie pen and a coin
  • A Production, a Return, and a Reproduction
  • The "Impromptu Hit Man" Sequence
  • The Double Vanish
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The Sleeving Technique for a pen
Also published here 3
Rick Merrill The No-Sleeving Vanish vanish and reproduction of a pen, watchband
Related toAlso published here 8
Rick Merrill Home Schooled vanish and reproduction of a pen, which then changes into pencil
Also published here 11
Rick Merrill On Sleeving
  • The History
  • Thoughts on Sleeving
  • Thoughts o the Shirt
Also published here 12
Rick Merrill Marker to Coin / Coin to Marker
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