Written by Tom Stone
Work of Tom Stone
19 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Stone
Language: English
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Max Milton One-handed Top Change handling of Ultra Move type switch, credit information
Also published here 2
Tom Stone Hip Hip Hurray! using Tenyo hinged/flap card box and two blank cards with "Hip" written on them
Also published here 4
Tomas Blomberg, Axel Adlercreutz 113 Grams
  • Phase 1: red Kings find selected card
  • Phase 2: selected card transposes with tabled black Kings under case
Inspired by
  • "Royale with Cheese" (Luke Dancy, marketed, 2004)
VariationsAlso published here
Tom Stone Transposition Idea
  • Padding
transposition of top card with reversed card in center
Tom Stone Sandwich Display Idea
  • Padding
two cards shown front and back while hiding and reversing an odd-backed card
Also published here 8
Tom Stone The Etude two spectators cut off piles, remember bottom cards and shuffle, memorized deck or new deck order
Also published here 9
Tom Stone Three-Phase Card Stabbing Routine Idea
  • padding
first two stabbed on table with different-sized knives, then card sword
Tom Stone King Castling sandwich-unequal transposition combo, two Kings tabled and other two Kings used to find selection, but they find two Kings and on table is found selection in place of the two other Kings
  • King Castling 1 (Solo)
  • King Castling 2
Inspired byAlso published here 11
Tom Stone Size Matters Idea
  • padding
idea of placing three different-sized decks on the table as an opening move
Tom Stone The Almoner three cards chosen, Joker found instead, spectator stabs it into deck between two selection, Joker changes into third selection
Inspired by
  • "Hand-out" (Phil Goldstein, Precursor XLI, Aug. 1993, p. 18)
Related to
Carmen D'Amico Hindu Shuffle Multiple Shift sliding block
Tom Stone Idea for Oil & Water
  • padding
4&4, four reds alternated with four blacks put in handkerchief, all put in handkerchief, one color penetrates one by one
Tom Stone Homer's Case switch or vanish of card put beneath case, case with hinged card
Also published here 17
Tom Stone Thoughts and stuff finale idea of Eleven-Card type routines, trying to stab selection out of shower with fork without success (gag)
Inspired by 18
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