published July 2023
Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
38 pages (Paperback), published by Penguin Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Juan Tamariz Letter from Juan on sharing secrets
Juan Tamariz A Can of Paint card chosen, the face cards of three packets change to the mates to complete a four-of-a-kind
Juan Tamariz Packet Flat Palm flat palming specific number of cards with jog/break
Juan Tamariz New Call to the Colors without false deals
  • First Phase (ten red and ten black cards are alternated, an eight-card packet is taken and they change into two reds/two blacks/... order)
  • Second Phase (remaining twelve cards change into two reds/two blacks/... order)
  • Third Phase (the twelve cards rearrange themselves into groups of three)
  • Fourth Phase (the eight and twelve cards are riffle shuffled together, then the colors separate)
  • Fifth and Final Phase (rest of deck shuffled with twenty cards, deck then ends up color-separated)
Juan Tamariz Removal Color Separation as a bunch of red and black cards are removed, the rest ends up separated in colors
Juan Tamariz Tabled Double Lift Handling top two cards are turned over one with each hand, one is a double
Juan Tamariz Seven Brides for Seven Brothers "A Cards Across Musical"
two chosen cards travel across from one seven-card packet to another, with fourteen spectators on stage and dancing presentation
Juan Tamariz The Three Stooges three cards chosen, they end up completing three four-card poker hands to straight flushes
Juan Tamariz P. S.
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