Written by Jan Imhof
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48 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jan Imhof
Language: English
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Luke Jermay Foreword
Jan Imhof Introduction
Jan Imhof Erwin's Cat deck is shuffled, spectator names two cards, those are the only cards occupying their numerical position if the shuffled deck was in new deck order, Schrödinger presentation
  • About Erwin's Cat
  • Effect
  • Preparation
  • Basic Handling
    • Notes On The Selection Procedure
    • Notes On Explaining Schrödinger's Theory
  • A Minor Change In Order
Inspired by
  • "Going Home" (Carl Irwin, video download, 2022)
Sharing Shuffle of both Halves spectator apparently shuffles whole deck by shuffling one half and then the other
Christoph Borer Vorforce handling when spectator doesn't name a suitable choice in a magician's choice, brief
Related to 17
Jan Imhof First Alternative Switch: Face-up Cover Pass Switch spectator apparently shuffles whole deck by shuffling one half and then the other
Related to 23
Jan Imhof Second Alternative Switch shuffling and cutting choreography with two spectators which retains half the deck
Jan Imhof First Alternative Without A Switch: Basic spectator shuffles half, performer the other
Jan Imhof Second Alternative Without A Switch: The Shuffle Game performer and two spectators shuffle in different ways simultaneously, retains half the deck
Luis Otero Horizontal Shuffle Handling Charlier type false shuffle
Related to
  • "Horizontal Shuffle" in Sachs's "Sleight of Hand"
Jan Imhof Alternative Force verbal force of an odd or even card value
Jan Imhof From Tamariz Stack To Catstack procedure to get into order for the routine
Jan Imhof Acknowledgements
Jan Imhof Thank YOU!
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