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Harold Rice Foreword
1942 3
Harold Rice Foreword
1942 iii
Harold Rice Foreword
1943 4
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Capers with Color by Harold Rice 1944 82
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Thru the Dye-Tube by W. T. Van Zandt (written by Harold Rice) 1944 89
Paul Fleming (reviewer) More Naughty Silks by Harold Rice
Fourth Edition
1946 32
Harlan Tarbell, Harold Rice Dissolvo Handkerchief Knot knotted silk through rope
Variations 1954/27 269
Jay Marshall Back Talk on Dai Vernon, Francis Carlyle, Harlan Tarbell, Senator Crandall, Harold Rice, Walker Fleming, Flemming Book Co, Revello Petee, Fred Allen, Coven, Karrell Fox, Billy Mc Caffrey, Fred Keating, Frank Joglar, Albert Goshman, Jerry Lukins, James Findlay, Sorcar, Guy Jarrett
The New Phoenix (Issue 337)
Hans "Severus" Ernst (reviewer) Selected Sympathetic Silk Routines by Harold Rice 1961
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 6)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Exclusive Magic by Harold Rice Oct. 1970 366
Harold Rice Historia Sentimental del Señor Rojo y de la Señorita Blanca string with small handkerchiefs appear knotted between two silks
1977 57
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Encyclopedia of Silk Magic by Harold Rice 1979 104
Jochen Zmeck, Zoran Nikolin Das silberne Tuchfärben color changing handkerchief in a tube, hooked insert
Inspired by
  • a method in Harold Rice's "Thru the Dye Tube" 1943.
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Eric C. Lewis, Harold Rice Double Appear No. 53, silk shaken and another silk appears at the end of it, repeated
1988 155
Harold Rice Egg, Silk, and Pocket egg in pocket transposes with silk
Also published here
  • "The Rice Version" (Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Vol. 3, p. 1332)
2002 149
Harold F. Puff Silk to Egg - Fifth Method: Egg, Silk, and Confetti
Also published here
  • "Kling Klang Konfetti" (Harold Rice, Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Vol. 2, 1953, p. 1326)
2002 195
William Oliver Turner Silk to Egg - Seventh Method: With a Dye Tube
Related to
  • "Anent Eggs" (The Sphinx, Vol. 28 No. 1, Mar. 1929, p. 28)
Also published here
  • Harold Rice, The Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Vol. 2, p. 110
2002 197
Alexander de Cova Tuch durch Mikrofonständer ungaffed silk through microphone stand, no reel
Inspired by 2016 242