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Bob Baxter Birthday Cake
Jan. 1946 184
Bob Baxter Rising & Vanishing Card under handkerchief
1972 103
Bob Baxter Bobby Baxter's Addition gag
Inspired by Dec. 1973 695
Vincent Sabatino Ring & Spring routine with metal spring and ring prop
  • Chop Stick Addition
see also p. 711 & p. 730 for comment by Ken Eastin, p. 756 for credit information by Ed Marlo, p. 792 for comment by Bob Eagle
Variations Dec. 1973 696
Bob Baxter "The Mayfair Mountebank's Move" tips for holding out a sponge ball
1976 26
Bob Baxter Now You See It, Now You Don't
1976 43
Bob Baxter Two to Nothing false transfer for 2 sponge balls
1976 45
Bob Baxter Sleightly Superlative
1976 132
Bob Baxter Within the Folds Knee Holdout
1976 201
Mike Tannen, Bob Baxter Ball to Cube
1976 203
Bob Baxter Criss-Cross subtlety for ball-into-spectator's hand
1976 205
Bob Baxter The Rabbit Trick using sponge rabbits
1976 219
Bob Baxter "Patter Lines"
1977 68
Bob Baxter Bobby Baxter's Wild Card with himber wallet switch
1977 113