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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
T.J. Crawford, Harry Stork An Illusive Coin Pass The Art of Magic 243
T.J. Crawford Multiple Coin Vanish one by one The Art of Magic 245
T.J. Crawford Migratory Coins coins on corners of black cloth, with 2 postcards Greater Magic 705
T.J. Crawford The Okito Coin Box coin from box transposes with coin from hand Greater Magic 708
T.J. Crawford The Brema Coin Box six coins in box penetrate box and hand Greater Magic 710
T.J. Crawford Using the Sleeves coin travels from hand to hand, two methodsRelated to Greater Magic 712
T.J. Crawford Curious Coins three coins in each hand Greater Magic 713
T.J. Crawford An Old One Revised coin from coin box on top of book on top of glass into glass Greater Magic 716
T.J. Crawford The Illusive Coin Pass 1 or several coins Greater Magic 717
T.J. Crawford Under the Pan four balls travel from under four plastic pans under one My Best 200
T.J. Crawford The Illusive Coin Pass retention of vision basic Modern Coin Magic 29
A. Berkeley Davis An Illusive Coin Switch Inspired by Close-up Cavalcade Finale 36
David Roth Down The Sleeve in Deep Backclip Inspired by Expert Coin Magic 119
T.J. Crawford Where do the Coins Come From? production from palmed stack of coins More Greater Magic 1067