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Theodore Annemann A Card is Found Once More one-way backs
Related toVariations 1934 9
Thomas M. Harris On the Mind two-digit number divided by three, left-over named to performer who then works out the number (is this "Tom Harris"?)
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Zangbar Zackelback" (Wallace Lee, Genii, June 1958, p. 364)
Sep. 1958
Ibidem (Issue 14)
Piet Forton 24th annual convention at Hastings 21. - 25. Sept. 60 on David Haggarty, Fred Lowe, Francis Haxton, Gus Southall, Peter Warlock, George Blake, Edward Victor, Jack Avis, Devano, Ron Mc Millan, Claude Rix, Mystic Craig, Jerry Andrus, Jack Miller, Al Koran, Johnny Geddes, Tom Harris, Alan Alan, Mila Trnka, Roberta & Hella
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 1)
Amazing James Randi The Compleat Reader spectator chooses word on any page, performer names other pages where the word occurs, memory demonstration
Related to Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Old Hat: Scientific Explanation of a Toy article on the wind machine toy (aka Skidoo), reprint from Popular Mechanics (before 1920) and comments
Related to Nov. 1964
Ibidem (Issue 30)
Tom Harris On "Randi's Compleat Reader"
Related to Nov. 1964
Ibidem (Issue 30)
Jack Avis All Fair Challenge Location divided deck and faro
Related to Nov. 1964
Ibidem (Issue 30)
Mel Brown, Tom Harris, Robert Lund, John A. Beck, Charles Kalish, Paul Curry, Bill Simon Letter Column
Related to Dec. 1965
Ibidem (Issue 31)
Robert Parrish, Norman Osborn, North Bigbee, David Price, Tom Harris, Phil Smith Etcetera
Mar. 1966 25
Karl Fulves Babel Harrison Beale, Johnny Hart on television, Origami stunt shown by Neal Elias, Eagle Rope Restoration, Mike Zens with linking ring idea, Tom Harris' planned memorized deck manuscript
Apr. 1966 28
Tom Harris Milk Paper Pour milk into newspaper, milk disappear, then returns.
1968 55
Karl Fulves Babel Tom Harris passing, Bill Doe's library, Steve Shimm
May 1969 256
Tom Harris Just Chance with three envelopes, historical comments
Related toVariations July 1971 434
Sid Lorraine Just Chance - Credit Information
Related to Jan. 1973 585
Tom Harris Knight's Tour
Sep. 1973 651
Karl Fulves Cold Readings questions to get information, discussions with Tom Harris, L. Vosburgh Lyons
Interlocutor (Issue 10)
Larry Becker Bell...Book...& Candle occult book test, number formed with pentagram
Related to
  • Tom Harris' "Conjuring for the Cognoscenti" in Genii, 1959.
1979 112
Karl Fulves, Tom Harris, George Blake Pay Day No. 91, envelopes torn to pieces according to spectator's wishes, the one with bill remains unharmed
Inspired by 1989 134