Written by Patrick Page

Work of Various

64 pages (Stapled), published by Wolfe Publishing Limited
Illustrated with drawings by Unknown.
Language: English

(24 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Patrick Page The Magic Camera camera drawn on paper turns into a humorous picture 3
Unknown The Patriotic Paper Balls three containers and balls with different colors, travel from container to other container 6
Patrick Page The Revolving Snake - How to Make a Fascinating Novelty
Paper snake on wire is put on lamp and starts to spin as long as the lamp is alight
Patrick Page An Impromptu Propellor little tray formed from cigarette paper, spins on finger, 12
Patrick Page The Balancing Note on the nose and on the finger 14
Patrick Page Ping-Pong on the Nose balancing a paper tube on the nose and throwing balls into it 15
Unknown The Hindoo Papers buddha paper 17
Unknown Folding Money folding bill, upside down 21
Unknown The Paper Tree classic newspaper tree 23
Unknown The Paper Ladder Newspaper into ladder 26
Unknown The Garden Fence Newspaper into garden fence 28
Unknown Paper Tearing simple tears 29
Patrick Page The Torn and Restored Newspaper with rubber bands 30
Unknown A Puzzle drawing a circle and a dot on a paper without lifting the pen 34
Unknown Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul paper stuck on fingers appear and disappear 36
Unknown The Magic Circles afghan band 38
Unknown Picture Gallery paper can be folded so it shows different pictures 41
Unknown Funny Pictures game, different people draw different parts of a person, paper is always folded, no trick 45
Unknown A Balancing Trick balancing a glass on a bill 48
Unknown Pure Skill small piece of paper strip is cut off, while it falls on the floor, no skill method 50
Patrick Page The Magic Tube handkerchief or other object produced from a newspaper which is folded into a tube 53
Unknown Finger Puppets finger puppets made with paper 57
Unknown A Magic Notebook how to make a blow book, with stamps 59
Unknown Moving Pictures how to make a flick book 62