Written by Jackie McClements
Work of Jackie McClements
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Jackie McClements Half Price Hofzinser card chosen, Kings removed, one turns face up which matches the suit of selected card, other three Kings change into mates of selection
Jackie McClements Coincidence My *@*! two cards put aside, two cards touched by spectator are mates of them
Jackie McClements Pushthru Eliminator card chosen, incomplete faro pushed through a few times to get clues about the color and suit of card, wrong card is determined, still right card shows up reversed in deck
Also published here
  • The Crimp, p. 212
Jackie McClements The Move optionally with "Turnover Palm Addition Move" (Roy Walton)
Also published here 6
Jackie McClements Softmint just a hole in coin as gaff
Jackie McClements Flash Pass modified Herrmann pass, without turnover, see also p. 13 for touch by Jerry Sadowitz
Jackie McClements Bye Bye Baby
Inspired by 11
Jackie McClements Card to Any Number number between ten and twenty named, card from that position removed and placed on top, it instantly penetrates back to original position
Jackie McClements Them Or Us two four-card packets transpose
Jackie McClements Four From Nothing
Jackie McClements Cardiograph five cards in a row, one of which is selection, doodling around with a pencil on a paper underneath the row, selection found, description incomplete in booklet
Jackie McClements Shock Treatment deck vanishes at the end of a four Ace discovery, with variations
A. The basic vanish as an ace discovery
B. The Original 1984 Handling (requiring a Ghost Count)
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