Written by Dan Garrett
Work of Dan Garrett
24 pages (Stapled), published by Dan Garrett Magic
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Dan Garrett
Language: English
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Dan Garrett Introduction
Dan Garrett The Cosmic Egg egg materializes in empty hands and is cracked into glass, also for sponge ball appearance
Toyosane Sanada Sanada Sponge Special sequence with sanada gimmick and three sponge balls
Dan Garrett Torn and Quartered Mismade Bill, torn bill to mismade bill, then to normal torn bill restored with tape
Also published here 7
Michael Stillwell Sign of the Times blank paper card inserted in Insta-Fax Card Printer and initialed through hole in plastic, printing of business card appears around initials, using "Instant Business Card Printer"
Also published here 10
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Turnover Move
Dan Garrett Torn and Re-Born corner torn off card, rest torn in tiny pieces and dropped in envelope, when opened again the card is restored, corner now initialed, rest torn again in pieces and pieces put in purse, when purse is opened it has a folded business card inside with "look in the envelope" where the restored card now is, laminated in plastic, Gaetan Bloom's Intercessor
Alan Shaxon Double Envelope
Under-the-Spread Force taking top card under the spread by itself as start
Dan Garrett Down for the Count held at corner and movement is diagonal
  • My Elmsley Count
Rob Gregory-Browne Jordon Count Variation does the same thing
Yves Doumergue The Orion Count
VariationsAlso published here
  • "Salsa Count" (Arcane magazine, Jean-Yves Prost)
Dan Garrett Orion Poker four Tens change into four Jacks, then Queens, then Kings, then a fifth card appears, an Ace, Royal Flush finale, ungaffed
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